Picture Day Project 365 {Days 236 to 242}

Back to school. Back to school.

I have a video for you at the end in the spirit of Back To School. – I love me some Michael Keaton. Where has he been lately?  I miss him.

Hope the transitions from summer schedules are going smoothly for everyone. The house is quite these days and I plan on organizing one Cabinet/Draw/Closet a day. Hopefully, viagra sale by Christmas we will be in tidy ship-shape. It’s good to have goals, case right?


Day 236 – Chocolate Chip 8/24

VPE 1st day-055

Day 237 – Jumpy Claps 8/25


Day 238 – Big and Strong 8/26

Soccer August-036

Day 239 – Soccer palooza 8/27

Judges Party2-111

Day 240 – Tag, stuff Your it. 8/28


Day 241 – Monkeying Around 8/29


Day 242 Sun Bath 8/30



  “Beer?” “For Gods sake its 10 a.m.” “Oh, right. Scotch?”

“221, 222 . . . whatever it takes.”


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