Just a taste of BlogHer 2011

Before we have time to sit down and chat about all the wonderful-ness of Blogher 2011 San Diego. As well as explain what the heck ‘BlogHer’ is to the folks that are scratching their heads.  Here are a few photos to wet your whistle.

11-08-05 Blogher-00111-08-05 Blogher-15411-08-05 Blogher-14011-08-05 Blogher-13911-08-05 Blogher-11411-08-05 Blogher-09311-08-05 Blogher-03311-08-05 Blogher-08011-08-05 Blogher-07411-08-05 Blogher-06511-08-05 Blogher-05511-08-05 Blogher-02611-08-05 Blogher-05811-08-05 Blogher-01211-08-05 Blogher-00311-08-06 Blogher-00511-08-06 Blogher-00211-08-05 Blogher-035


You got it right.

Lots of food, medicine friends, treatment fun and fabulosity.

Stay Tuned.



  1. Soo good to see you!!!

  2. you amaze me. great shots, you are just tempting me more to go to my home town for blogher next year!

    • MAGGIE – I’ll hold your hand and dance with you all night long at Sparklecorn. BTW, did you hear that Ace of Cakes did the dessert this year? ! See you in NYC darling, You Betcha!!

  3. Jen {Tiny Oranges} says

    Beautiful photos! So great to see you! You just radiant positivity and are a joy to be around!

  4. Those brushes were amazing, weren’t they?! 🙂

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