Pet Photography by Erin Vey

Happy Tuesday friends.  I wanted to share with you one of my favorite pet photographers around.  Erin Vey.  She inspires me daily.  Her work is amazing.  Just see for yourself.


erin vey 5

She has shared photos from the very first days her little-one arrived. Erin’s Great Dane has been an amazing gentle giant in every capture.  This photo is one of my favorites.  I am inspired to take more black and white photos of the Beagle Brigade.


erin vey 4

So soft. I just want to curl up next to him for a long cozy nap.


erin vey 3

Those eye. Those Eyes. What a gorgeous puppy.



erin vey 2

Newfoundland. Love the silhouette of small verse large.


erin vey 1

The colors take me away to dream land.  I imagine this pooch coming to life and talking to me, case as if we were in an Alice in Wonderland scene.

Check out her website and blog. She has some great advice for aspiring dog photographers.  Here is a glimpse….


1) If you don’t love everything that makes up a dog, medicine then stop immediately. Dog’s instinctively recognize a non-dog lover and you weren’t meant to photograph them. This means slobber on your face, clothes, camera and lens. It also involves getting dirty, including paw marks everywhere. Physically I always get a great workout. Sitting, standing, crouching, jumping, running. You name it, I am doing it.

2) Know your camera. Dogs move in and out of changing light. Because of this, I believe strongly that you need to shoot in manual mode.

3) Develop your own style. The only way you can do this is to shoot a lot. And then shoot some more. And then some more. Find out what works for you. Style is a dynamic factor, ever evolving, growing and changing with you.

4) Patience. Patience. Patience. Dogs usually listen to their inner voice first, you second. Most of the time I have to wait them out and follow them.

To see the rest of the list click HERE

See visit her complete site, here is the link.



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