Summer Memories

Summer  BBQ-054  Summer  BBQ-061

I held her hand and kept her company in the wee hours of the morning before her son was welcomed into this world.  He slept in my arms after he was swaddled.

Summer  BBQ-138  Summer  BBQ-107

Where does time go? How did he become so tall? He can now almost beat DH in a friendly game of pick up basketball.  Almost.  If he goes to bed tonight, troche he may wake up tomorrow to win the tall-off.

Summer  BBQ-091

So many memories.

But tonight we celebrate their new home.

The night air was warm.

The roses were blooming.

The wine was flowing.

The water glimmered at sunset.

There were wet footprints in the kitchen.

The BBQ chicken and steaks vanished quickly.

The Chocolate Chip cookies were good.

The conversation was warm.

Summer  BBQ-083  Summer  BBQ-073

Summer  BBQ-121  Summer  BBQ-106

Summer  BBQ-030

My heart smiled.

I love summer

and the memories that are made here.



  1. Uh me too! You painted such a rich picture.

  2. I love it too! The late nights, the “summer” air, (there IS a difference between summer air and regular air), beaches,bonfires, bathing suits, BBQ’s, sundresses, flip flops, late night ice cream shop runs….what’s not to love? *Sigh* all the more reason to soak it all in before it’s gone.

    Lovely post.

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    Twitter: @skinnyjeansmom

    • That salty air is always such a summer elixir. Wish you could bottle it for use during the winter dull-drums. 🙂

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