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If you’re an Instagram junkie (raises hand), you already know that it’s a great way to snap a photo or use an existing photo from the iPhone’s gallery. Then enhance it with a handful of different possible effects filters. The result can then be shared on various social networks. Including the phenomenal Instagram itself.

But did you know you can also make your own custom photo book of your Instagram photos?

Keepsy lets you order printed hardback books starting at just $29.95 for 30 pages.

Mine just arrived…. would you care to see?

Keepsy iphoneography Book-001

Oh happy day.

Keepsy iphoneography Book-007

The hardback cover

Keepsy iphoneography Book-008

Inside pages, brilliant color.

Keepsy iphoneography Book-005

psst….See this photo of Daphney? It was just commissioned by the artist R. Rossman. Check it out HERE.

Keepsy iphoneography Book-010

The pages have titles from your Instagram feed. No work required on your part in creating the album.  It is so easy.  You upload your photos, select the ones you wish to use, and viola.  The book is ready to print and ship.

You can find me on Instagram at Ksugarandspice.  Drop by and say hello.



  1. gorgeous book & and great pictures! such a great idea.
    btw – wanted to tell you how darling you looked today. loved the color of your dress!

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