Trader Joe’s Shopping List {Shop Talk}

Shopping at Trader Joe’s is not ordinary.  It elevates grocery shopping from a chore to an experience.  They stock their shelves with both staples and exotics.  You can find affordable luxuries such as Meyer Lemon Wafer Cookies to Thai Lime and Chili Cashews (both AWESOME), items you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Below is a Trader Joe’s shopping list containing a few favorites.  I’ll preface this by saying this is NOT an exhaustive list.  Feel free to add your own comments, sharing what you have found to be delicious or delightful.

Trader Joes June 2011-014Trader Joes mini ice cream cones-

Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches along with Hold the Cone 70 Calorie Ice Cream Cones.  You simply can’t go wrong with either.

Trader Joes June 2011-015Trader Joes June 2011-016

Perfect Rice in 3 minutes, chose either white or brown.  Pair this rice with Orange Chicken or

Trader Joes June 2011-017Trader Joes June 2011-120

Heat and Serve BBQ Teriyaki Chicken.  Looking for an inexpensive green drink?  This drink has no sugar and is a great copy of many expensive “cleansing” drinks.

Trader Joes June 2011-121Trader Joes June 2011-122

This Caramelized Onion Dip is brand new and delicious.  Followed by Horseradish. The Mister likes to add an ample spoonful to his cocktail sauce.  Good living when the sinuses are on fire.

Trader Joes June 2011-005Trader Joes June 2011-007

This pizza sauce is perfect for any Bagel – English Muffin – Boboli Crust – or Fresh Pizza dough.  Followed by a great hummus dip, Spicy Hummus.

Trader Joes June 2011-009Trader Joes June 2011-012

For breakfast the go-to is diced Pancetta.  It is the perfect size; always ready to be sizzled up along side scrabbled eggs and topped with Shredded Cheese.  Wrap the mixture in a tortilla and you have a gourmet breakfast burrito.

Trader Joes June 2011-124Trader Joes June 2011-125

Hickory BBQ slow cooked potato chips. Oh My Goodness.  Along with Organic Olive Oil Popcorn.  Terrific snacks while playing poker.

Trader Joes June 2011-128Trader Joes June 2011-131

Champagne Pear Vinaigrette is great on any salad, while the pre-made pie crusts will always help you out in a baking pinch.

Trader Joes June 2011-132Trader Joes June 2011-136

Needing a Chocolate Covered Banana fix from Balboa Island?  These small chocolate covered banana bites will hit the spot just dandy.  As for an easy dinner idea, the kids love these Mini Chicken Tacos.

Trader Joes June 2011-139Trader Joes June 2011-126

Their Spinach Dip is restaurant quality. While the Parmesan Crisps never last more that 48 hour in our home, even when 3 packages are purchased.


On to the serious sweets.  CHOCOLATE. Dang, these dark chocolate covered Caramels are out of this world.  While their chocolate chips are a solid A++,  I buy none other. 

Trader Joes June 2011-13320100413_7755

Joe-Joes, say no more.  Amazing goodness.  Don’t forget the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. They are somewhat addicting. You have been warned.

Trader Joes June 2011-135Trader Joes June 2011-129

Remember those Joe-Joe cookies?  How about that deliciousness crumbled in vanilla ice cream. Then Carrot Muffins that taste like carrot cake with out a cream cheese frosting. Both winners.

Trader Joes June 2011-137

Finally the flowers are always lovely.  Peonies are available now.

A couple more, not photo’d, but also on the Trader Joe’s Shopping List.

Pineapple Salsa

McAdam’s Cheddar Cheese

Shredded Parmesan Reggiano

Bagged green beans or haricot verts

Bagged Lemons and Limes

White Stilton with apricots

Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner (best elementary ‘hair bug’ preventer)

Honey Mango Shaving Cream


Joes O’s

What items are always on your Trader Joe’s shopping list?

Come now. Share you favorites, don’t be shy.



  1. Rebecca Hanna Henrie says

    I love your lists! I love TJ’s! I am heading out today to give a few of your suggestions that I have not tried before a go. Does yours still have the “Just Chicken”? It was delicious pre-cooked marinated chicken in a plastic container in the deli section that was so awesome to throw into quesadilla’s or on a salad. Mine here in AZ does not have it anymore and I am so sad.

  2. Jessica Chatterton says

    Even better than the Orange chicken, and very similar- is their Tempura Chicken. It is all white meat. Comes with a delicious sweet sauce, and I love it with steamed broccoli and rice. My kids also dig it. Buy 2 bags for a family of 4.

  3. Rebecca T says

    Frozen Asparagus Risotto! Two bags please. Fabulous post and pics sweetie!!!

  4. I LOVE Tj’s too- but have never found carrot muffins at my TJ”S- they sound

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