Friday Royal Tidbits

royal wedding

It was so lovely.

I didn’t think I was going to be awake in the wee hours.

But I was, it was unplanned.

Here are my Friday Royal Tidbits.


Kate’s sister Pippa; that bridesmaid dress was  BRILLIANT.  Dang. Pippa. Work it. Own it

harry photo

Prince Harry…nuff said.  Pippa and Harry, now THAT is a thought.


I think the Queen is going to have a word with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.  Those fascinators {hats} almost stole the show. 

jame at wedding

Kate’s brother James, has some sort of Hollywood and/or reality TV career ahead of him.

kates father

Kate’s father belting out singing God Save the Queen, now THAT made me tear up.


Kate’s dress and this day will go down in history.

Glad I was up in the wee hours to watch it Live.

I wish Princess Diana could have been there.

Off to buy a fascinator.

Have a great weekend friends.



  1. Excellent recap!

  2. Pippa and Harry, of course!! Chelsey LOOK OUT. Loved this post!! Have a TGIF Kathleen.

  3. Shoulda called! We were all up!! Loved witnessing this great historical moment!

  4. It really was beautiful, wasn’t it? I’m really happy for them.

    I didn’t stay up to watch it, but I woke up in the middle of the night and I convinced myself that I was missing something, so I got up and turned on the TV and it was during the gap between the ceremony and them appearing on the balcony. So I watched for a minute then went back to bed. Regardless, the moment I woke up, I opened my laptop and watched the whole thing through. 😛
    Christine recent posted..Jumping Selfie Saturdays On Sunday

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