New Trader Joes Find

I have two sweet finds to share today.

One is an oldie but a goodie.  The other is BRAND new.

 Trader Joes mini ice cream cones-
The old friend first.

Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Simply delectable.

Two chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in the middle then rolled in mini chocolate chips.  I can neither confirm or deny that I have eaten an entire box in one evening.  Don’t look even look at the calorie count.

Price $3.69, clinic 4 per box.

Trader Joes mini ice cream cones--2

Next is the new kid on the block, stuff teeny tiny chocolate covered ice cream cones.

Trader Joes mini ice cream cones--3

Sheer genius.

Trader Joes mini ice cream cones--4

They come 8 to a box, either chocolate or vanilla.

Trader Joes mini ice cream cones--5

I bought 4 boxes.  Yes, I did.  They were flying out of the freezer case.

Perfect for the little people or a late night snack.

Price $2.99 a box




  1. These look like a perfect find, just in tine for summer. Or any late night for that matter. Thanks for the awesome Chika!

  2. Perect!!

  3. I’ve eaten three of those cookies sandwich ice cream lusciousness. But 4? You are out of my league woman. Thanks for the new sweet find. xxoo

  4. Those cones are FANTASTIC! I think I will go have one now, actually…..

  5. I just baught these last night, and found your blog goggling info on them. They are SO good, and just the cutest! I am going to serve at the next shower I host.

  6. Very tempting that children would love it. I like new trader than a goddie.
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