Eye Candy: Banksy and Liu Bolin

bansky tidy2

I love both of these artists, site healing Banksy and Bolin.

Banksy is an anonymous English urban graffiti artist.  His street art is humors and sometimes satirically dark.  His works have been found on streets, stuff walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.  They pop up over night and everyone takes notice.  Banksy has been visiting Los Angeles recently due to his Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary for the film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.  A graffiti film.  The buzz on the street is that he already has that gold statue won.  Since no one has EVER seen his face or true identity, everyone is speculating if he will be accept his award unmasked.  Oh the suspense.

While in town recently he has left his signature.  Check it out.

bansky dog-wizz-2bansky elephantbansky elephant2

bansky charlie

bansky charlie2

Theses Charlie Brown images are from Pop Owl. Check out their website to see many more cool Banksy captures. Click HERE.

bansky kite


Followers of this urban artist have even created a Google map tracking his work.  You can view the below Los Angeles Google Map in current time  HERE.  I felt all you storm/fire trackers perk up out there.

bansky map

It is color coded to let you know if the art is still present.  In most cases the art has already disappeared.  It happens.

There are many imposters out there.  After Banksy hits, he posts a photograph on his website for confirmation.  You can see themHERE.   I can’t wait to see what pops up next closer to the Academy Awards.  I have my camera ready!

NEXT UP Liu Bolin – The invisible man.

He is a Chinese artist known for taking photographs of himself, fully painted to blend in with the background. Now that is dedication to his art.

liu-bolin-invisible-man-chinese-artist 2


liu bolin

Click HERE to see more camouflage art.  Super cool.



  1. Banksy on The West Coast, get out of town! Thanks for that map. It is bookmarked.

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