Dragon Inhaler

A member of our tribe has caught a germy.  My middle man has been pretty gosh darn sick with his own lil respiratory plague.

So what in the HECK am I going to find that would even remotely be considered

N I C E ?

My newly found Pediatric Dragon Inhaler.

meds for clark

Yep, ed there it is, to the left, in the combo shot above.  For all my Mommy friends out there who struggle with respitory problems with their little people, here is a worthy inhaler find.

boring inhaler

Instead of the boring ole nebulizer inhaler, shown above.  You know the one.  The device that requires you to hold the said plastic mouth piece in front of your wee ones mouth under protest. Or when it comes to the older peeps who simply point the medicated mist away when you are not watching.  Oh the frustration.  Here is an answer to our pryaers.

It is a spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

clark sick face

Inhaler treatments have never been easier.  Fill it with your Albuterol or Pulmicort and strap it on.  The purple dragon puffs the mist out it’s faux nostril holes. Stupendous. I can hear the clapping out there.

If a purple Dragon inhaler is not your vibe, no worries. They also have Fish and Turtles inhalers. Come to think of it, I think I’ll give them a call to design a Beagle inhaler.  It would be a best seller for sure……

Back to the trenches,



  1. Oh I have needed something like this!!!! Brilliant find. Our wee asthma girl thanks you.

  2. This is the exact one we use for Andrew’s CF treatments. It has made it infinitely easier!!
    Hope your brood feels better soon!

  3. Forget the kids I need this. I hate having to hold it forever & it makes it more fun & less scary for my lil’ uns’. Thank you for posting this! love!

  4. We have the fish and it’s genius! Mask designers: how about a cute kitty cat for the little ladies?

    • Kathleen says

      Kelly perhaps a Hello Kitty Mask. That would be superb- yes? I would buy a case of them. Are you listening Sanrio?

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