Project 365 {Days 40 to 52}

Before I go Wordless, levitra purchase I wanted to share that half of these captures are from Instagram, an iPhone Application.

If you know about it, please come and play with me.

You can find me at Ksugarandspice.

If you do not understand this Instagram business.

Read about it HERE

Going Wordless Now.


{Day 40} 2/10 – Loyal and Loving



{Day} 41 2/11 – Kindergarten



{Day 42} 2/12 – Love is in the Hair



{Day 43} 2/13 – Gerbera Daisy


St Pauls Vday-057

{Day 44} 2/14  –  Party Circuit


St Pauls VDAY coco

{Day 45} 2/15 – Resemblances


zovs cheesecake

{Day 46} 2/16 – Cake Made of Cheese



{Day 47} 2/17  – His Majesty



{Day 48} 2/18 – Chucky Cheese Upgrade


rain windshield

{Day 49} 2/19 – Storm Watch OC


daphney sleeping

{Day 50} 2/20 – Carmel with a Dollop of Whip Cream


Lexie 3Bday-087

{Day 51} 2/21 – Twins



{Day 52} 2/22 – Sorbet Sunset




  1. Yay!!! Love ’em all!! Especially the Twins. 🙂

  2. Great photos, Kathleen! I’m on Instagram as well, but much prefer Hipstamatic… More filters, lenses, and flashes. My 365 is mostly Hipstamatic, with an occasional Instagram or “regular” photo, but all taken from my iPhone.

  3. Annalynn what is your handle?
    Lindsey, if course, twist my arm.
    And Ginell, over the moon for you doesn’t begin to describe it!

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