You Are Special Today


My Mom started this tradition when I was a little girl. Growing up we called it the ‘The Red Plate’.  

Each of us were given this plate when our parents thought we did something “special”.   It is tied to many good memories.

Now with my family, it’s something we use when we want someone to feel supported and reassured for their occasion, birthdays…graduations…the first day of school… report card….making a remarkabley good decision.

For an additional layer, the plate represents a second generation family tradition.

Sometimes we even break it out for very special house guests.



Please do not judge his butter to bread ratio – everything tastes better with butter.

Can’t wait to visit with you again Mr. Pan.

You can find this plate on Amazon for $34.  Click  HERE to order yours.

Disclosure. Nothing to say. The Red Plate people have no idea who I am.


  1. Fantastic, inexpensive, easy way to make a memory for your kids! I’m totally doing it!

  2. Jessica Chatterton says

    We had the exact same plate – I’ll have to find one to carry on the tradition!

  3. My mom always did the Red Plate when we were growing up too! So much fun – brings back a ton of memories. I have one for my family but lost the pen. Great reminder I need to get on it and order a new one so I can bring this tradition back for my family. It’s just the cutest!

  4. Tanya Hobart says

    What a wonderful idea and a great way to let a loved ones know they are special!
    Thanks for sharing ~

  5. OMG we totally grew up with the red plate! Love it! Have been meaning to buy one for our family 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!

  6. Such a great tradition. I have seen these plates before and have been meaning to get one. And yes! everything tastes better with butter.

  7. I goodness, I’m suddenly craving pasta with butter sauce!

  8. It’s “Dr. Pan.” Actually, it’s “Dr. Dr. Pan.” But you’re right about one thing: everything DOES taste better with butter. Lots of it.

    Dr. Dr. Pan-Pan

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