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Ahhh!  Ski Season!  With the rains we have had recently, skiing has been as they say, “epic”. Out of hibernation comes the ski gear with high hopes for trips locally or out of state.  Mittens, gloves, socks, after ski boots, and long underwear are gathered to provide warmth out on the slopes and comfort in the lodge next to a cozy fire.  Oh the excitement and anticipation!  Great snow, friendly people, and good times await.  Then the music dramatically pauses.  Rats! My little guy seems to have grown 3 inches since last season and all of his gear is way too small.  Sound familiar?  As for DH’s ski pants, they are no longer acceptable for public viewing.  What to do?  WHAT TO DO?

I need ski gear fast, and I don’t want to spend a fortune.  I found a good one friends and I’m happy to share this great Orange County secret.

P.F. McMullin Co. 

It is a “mom and pop” discounted ski shop located off Edinger in Orange County.  They sell discount snowboarding equipment, outerwear, and accessories.  The store has been there for 46 years through goods economic times and bad.  Relying on word of mouth advertising, they do not even have an advertising budget.  They also do not have promotions or coupons.  The price you see in October will be the price you see in February.  It keeps the prices down.  Way, way down!

It is a skiers paradise for a few months out of the year.  The store is NOT available year round.  They open their doors in September.  The McMullins snatch up inventory from major brands who wish to unload their goods that did not move during the summer months. They are selective and will not bring sale merchandise into their store which cannot be offered as a (smoooking!) deal.  Discounts in October run between 5% to 20% off retail prices depending on the Brand.  The merchandise moves quickly since it’s new season items.  But have no fear, the staff is on their toes knowing what items are popular. Reordering fast selling gear for Holiday purchases is a common practice.  By January and February, merchandise arrives from large manufactures offering close out prices.  These close-out deals at McMullins are typically 15- 40% below retail.

So have I perked your interest?  Want to know where to find this gem? I must admit it can be a touch tricky.

map to pf mcmullin

I’ll provided a few photos to help you along.  After exiting the 55 freeway and  traveling west along Edinger, you’ll pass Carl’s Jr’s to your right.  At this point start looking to your left to find their white van with PF cow logo.  See Below.  If you hit Grand Ave, turn around; you have gone too far.

PF McMullen (31 of 31)

Once you spy the van, look for their signage on the top of the adjacent building.

PF McMullen (3 of 31)

Turn in and park. Start walking towards the back of the business complex, passing all the business offices. Keep your eyes fixed on looking for the flag below.

PF McMullen (28 of 31)

Once you get to the flag you will find the entrance.

PF McMullen (29 of 31)

You made it!

PF McMullen (30 of 31)

Now let me share the mother load of deals to be found. Remember that my 6yo needs new winter ski equipment?  What would you expect to pay for a new jacket and ski pants?  A few hundred?  Check out this amazing deal for a ski jacket (with built in expandable sleeve) and bibs ski pants.

PF McMullen (6 of 31)PF McMullen (4 of 31)

The set is $46.

That is not a typo.  Forty Six Dollars for both.  Thank you Cami for modeling this fantastic find.  They have quite a few sets in children’s sizes. All at the perfect price.

Size Price
12, 18 and 24 months $29
2T – 4T $43
5 – 7 $46

 Jacket AND Pants……Wow!

Now let’s look at the juniors along with the rest.

.PF McMullen (8 of 31)PF McMullen (7 of 31)

Junior Girls Roxy Ski Jacket – $89 marked down from $175.

 Other junior jackets run $34 marked down from $95

PInk Laundry - PF McNullen 071PF McMullen (11 of 31)

Helmets start at $39 marked down from $59.  The one shown above is a Holt Audio Helmet for $69. What is so special about it?  Well you can plug in your MP3 player straight to your helmet for a little surround sound action.  No worries; the sound level is safe.  It’s not overly loud where fire sirens would be drowned out.  What joy!  I imagine listening to Maroon 5 while sitting on the ski lift at Alta.



PF McMullen (12 of 31)PF McMullen (13 of 31)

These Turbine Siren Low Rise women’s ski pants have been a top seller eight years running. They have extra seams on the booty for that all important H2O protection. This is perfect if just in case you are learning to snow board and end up on you back end too much.  The pants also feature vents to cool down if you are burning up the slopes.

Priced at $69 from $115


PF McMullen (14 of 31)PF McMullen (15 of 31)

Next for the Fellas. The FDGB is a top seller. It has all the same features as the woman’s pair above, just additional cargo pockets.

Also priced at $69 from $115


PF McMullen (18 of 31)PF McMullen (19 of 31)

On to gloves and after ski boots.

Toddler gloves $8
Junior gloves $14
Men and Women gloves $15


PF McMullen (17 of 31)


Women Boots $21 and $26
Men Boots $21 $26 $28
Junior Boots $19 $21
Children Boots $21
Their smallest children’s size is a 7/8 pictured above. This fall they will offer a size 5.

PF McMullen (20 of 31)PF McMullen (21 of 31)

They of course have binding for snowboards and snow board boots. {sorry no ski boots at this time, but it is an item the McMullin have been considering}  Bindings run between $50 to $100.  Men and Women’s Board Boots range from $69 to $179. The two boots photographed are their most popular Salomon M1 faction $119 from $129 and the Flow ANSR with BOA technology $119 from $139.


PInk Laundry - PF McNullen 094

Yes, there are snow boards too.  Each year they sell almost 600 of these guys.  The prices can’t be beat.

Junior Snow Boards $99 to $129

Men / Women Snow Boards $109 to $200

* The best selling adult board this season was $189

After viewing the Hot Chile long underwear at $21, I came across Goggles. 

 Check out these prices for some uber cool stuff.

PF McMullen (23 of 31)


PF McMullen (25 of 31)


PF McMullen (26 of 31)PF McMullen (27 of 31)

And the these darling youth (age 2-6) goggles, only $14.

They sell all of your favorite brands. Burton, Grenade, D.C., Sessions, 32, Flow, Rossignol, Ride, Lib-Tech, Dakine, Roxy, Atomic, Lamar, Vans, 5150, Salomon, LTD, Ripzone, Giro, Technine, Gnu, Bonfire, K2, Dragon, Smith, Section, Convert, Planet Earth. G

I need to put my camera down and go shopping now.

P.F. McMullin Co
1530 East Edinger Suite #9
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Store Contact information:
Phone Number: 714-547-7479 Fax Number: 714-547-7444

Store Hours:
Dates Open: September 1st – April 15th
Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
*Store Hours Vary (Longer Hours Nov-Feb)

Hope you are having an “epic” ski season friends.



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