Gifts for Wine Lovers

With Valentines day right around the corner I thought I might share some gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.

Here at the compound we have opened many bottles of wine through the years.   Because of this DH and I have A LONG LIST of wine opening contraptions that do not work, break, last only a week, etc.  Some have been cheap openers, others astronomical.  It is a frustrating dilemma since all we wanted was a device that was easy to use and opens bottles quickly. And after a hard day at work who needs to get those muscles involved. Then we received this gift from a thoughtful friend.

Waring Professional Wine Opener

Now each and every time I use it a smile comes to my face in deep gratitude. It is a perfect find, everything we could have asked for and more.  It can take a licking and keeps on ticking. We have used it for almost a year now and {knock on wood} it is still dependable. Click (HERE) to get your very own or read more about it

The next fun wine find are these lovely Aerators by Vinturi.

vinturi wine airator

They are magical. I really do not understand how the magic works but they enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine. All you have to do is hold the aerator over your glass and pour your wine through the tool for instant aeration. It mixes the proper amount of air in right amount of time.  I have used these on a variety of wines from “Two Buck Chuck” on up.  In every circumstance, both Red and White wines, there is improvement in their taste. I can describe it as the flavors are more blended.  I’ve conducted several “blind” tastings and we all agree – it works.

It is made of acrylic (no breakable glass here),  has a no-drip stand and a handy travel pouch perfect for tailgates and the like. The design is both simple and modern. It is sturdy and also safe to clean in the dishwasher. What is there not to love?

Click HERE for more information or to get your very own.

Finally I get asked this question frequently. “Can you recommend some inexpensive great tasting wines?” I will start off with a few Chardonnay’s. After a little more research I’ll list some reds. (If you have a favorite please let me know!)

Economical Chardonnays:

Columbia Crest Grand Estates – usually around $10, but at Costco and Local Supermarkets you can find it for $8

Meridian Chardonnay – $7

Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2009 – $8

Oak Grove Chardonnay 2009 –  $6

from TOTAL WINE stores

Gumdale Chardonnay $6 ** a personal fave **

Abbeyville Chardonnay $8

River Road Chardonnay $10

Coastline Chardonnay $9

Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it. – Anonymous

Have a great weekend Friends.

Disclosure: I chose to review these items because they were gifts and were lovely. Nothing more. As an Amazon Affiliate, if you purchase them through the Sugar and Spice Amazon store, Sugar and Spice receives a tiny percentage. Oh and those wineries have no idea who I am.


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