2010 ~ A Photographic Year in Review

A few months back, if you recall, my computer died. {you can click these underlined words for further details} Tragedy. {the computer dying part not the story links} Well a brand new laptop recently arrived requiring all types of data transfers from complicated backup systems. It has been some hard work here in the trenches and I’ve […]

One year ago today

After we said goodbye. She passed away. We all loved her very much.

Instagram Birthday-istmas

It’s Christmas Eve.   Thank you for the Birthday Wishes Friends. I made it another year around the sun. Here is a quick post to wish you and yours a happy day. Have you heard of the new Iphone App Instagram? A bajillion photo lovers have jumped on board. It is a photography application which lets you create […]

Wordless Waterlogged Wednesday

Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens.

December Honor Roll Round Up

Sometimes you come across a product that is so amazing and original, you just have to share. Here is a round up of some products I am in love with and make me SMILE. 1. Tom Ford Lipstick It is expensive at $45 a tube, but here is the thing though. If your going to […]

Winter in Southern California USofA

  Hiding in a locked room wrapping presents….. 

I care about… Someone Cares Soup Kitchen


This video inspired me last week. Go ahead and watch, I’ll wait. [youtube= Wow, a gourmet chef in India watches an elderly man suffer and it changes his life. His  purpose becomes helping the down trodden in India leading him to be recognized by CNN as a 2010 hero. Long exhale. What an amazing man. […]

Daphney has a new look.

Our diva Beagle has a new look. elisalou sent her a sassy new collar. and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. It fits her ‘larger than a Wolf Hound’ personality. It also vibes Minny Mouse. And it’s just plain festive for the holidays, huh? We love you ‘Daffodil’. Elisa is taking some time off for the […]

Beagle Brigade December {Wordless Wednesday}