Battle of the Breeds – Animal Planet Style

I’ve been told my oldest is a mini-me.

I could not be given a better compliment.

She has now taken up photography

and wants to share it with the world via Sugar and Spice.

As a supportive Mommy, doctor I could not be prouder.

A few weeks back Animal Planet asked for contributors for the

“Battle of the Breeds – Soccer Style”

My oldest, ask already immersed in learning about everything canine and wanting to be a Beagle Breeder and/or veterinarian in the future, demanded to submit a Daphney photo.  Since I’m her administrative assistant and always encourage her creativity, I was on board.  However, I did not know she was going to dress Daphney in a UCLA jersey, put a pink soccer ball next to her and  snap a photo for the competition only to ask if we could upload it to the Battle of the Breed on Discovery’s Animal Planet competition immediately.

As it turns out, the Daphney photo was selected by Animal Planet for Round One in

‘Vote for the Best Soccer Dog’.

Way to Go My Oldest!!!!

Please check out the link and vote for Daphney to progress to Round Two

as Animal Planet’s Best Soccer Dog

in the Battle of the Breeds.



Click here for your entry,

DAPHNEY  is featured in the second bracket!

The full link is below.

Please vote for her, the battle is at 57 – 43 %.

You will make an almost 10 year old’s day!

kathleen sign brown



  1. Jennifer says

    Woo Hoo! GO DAPHNEY! Congrats On Making it on Battle Of The Breeds (Soccer Dogs) :D. I Hope She Makes It To The next round! Keep Voting Ppl! 😉

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