I love you like a dog (via It'slisa's Blog)

I always want to be the person my Beagle Brigade thinks I am.

Any dog lover would understand. This blog post about “What Pets Can Teach Us” speaks to this precisely. Enjoy the read.

On a programming note, we just came back from the East Coast last night. This week I will be working on putting together a travel guide for everyone to share in.

Very excited to connect with new and old friends, encourage some creativity and keep you informed on delightful things. Stay Tuned

I love you like a dog Yesterday, the New York Times featured a Well Pet blog by Tara Parker Pope called “What Pets Can Teach Us About Marriage.” Ms. Pope was reviewing a previous article from PsychCentral where clinical psychologist Suzanne B. Phillips explores the difference between how people relate to their pets in contrast to their mates. Phillips poses the idea that we could have better relationships with the humans in our lives if we treat them the way we do our … Read More

via It’slisa’s Blog


  1. you were missed.. especially MY comment section (crickets)- LOL

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