Hollywood Report – Glee Live

Friday night at the Gibson Amphitheatre, “Glee” performed, Michele Lea strolled through the audience belting out “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” she is for sure, a rising uber star. This I now know. The concert was a compilation of music that provides the shows pulse. The Fist-pumping choruses were kicked off by the well recognized Glee introduction; “bum-bum buda, bum-bum bada.”

We were lucky to score tickets to the Glee casts sold-out performance. Any self-respecting Gleek would know each and every verse to the songs the cast performed, but seeing it live was well worth every penny. There was an infectious energy you don’t get from just watching the show on TIVO/DVR in the comfort of your home.

You can truly hear the quality of live vocals, which in the case of Lea Michele, is the real deal. She sounds even better in person. A thrilling treat. {And yes, she is tiny tiny tiny. Size 0.}

Puck, Mark Salling, sporting the mohawk again and had two solos: “Sweet Caroline” (swoon) and “The Lady Is a Tramp.” To see him walk on stage with that swagger,  guitar in hand, and begin crooning Neil Diamond the knees went a touch weak.

Finn, Cory Monteith, had plenty of chances to sing and shows off his ability with the drums during “Sweet Caroline.” I never knew. He is vibing a little bit of JT with the multi-talented skilz. Good Golly.

Brittany, Heather Morris, had dialogue with Mr. Schue via a pre-taped video feed and then to Kurt, Chris Colfer (I have SUCH a soft spot for him): She delivers, “You look like a boy peacock who likes other boy peacocks … One day, I will make Kurt Hummell mine. You can count on it … even though I can’t count.”

Oh, and if you ever had the chance to see

3. Push It

4. Don’t Rain On My Parade

5. Beautiful

6. Sweet Caroline

7. The Boy Is Mine

8. Lady Is A Tramp

9. Defying Gravity

10. Bust Your Windows

11. Bad Romance

12. Dancing With Myself

13. It’s My Life / Confessions

14. Halo / Walking On Sunshine

15. Rehab

16. Mercy

17. Jump

18. Faithfully / Any Way You Want It

19. Like A Prayer

20. True Colors

21. Somebody To Love

Encore – Michele Lea and Jonathon Groff (special guest appearance) Hello. This was so fabulous, I forgot to take a photo, a deer staring in the headlights moment. Lindsey captured the opening act and even more photos, click here to check it out!

It was an exquisite concert, 2 hours of live Glee, thank goodness for Dean in his rickshaw to carry all of us back our 

The W Hotel in Hollywood Tour
Culinary Delights – Delphines
Bliss Spa at the W Hotel


  1. wow – you got the entire line up! I need to link up to this fo shizzle!


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