Bartender, “I love Strawberries and I love Vodka”.

Tap.Tap.Tap – is this microphone on?

I would like to introduce Sara

Sara is to the left in the red sash. (Love the Red, try Blue and White ensemble)

At her last party she served this Delightful Find. Wow, I was smitten. I can neither confirm or deny I had my fair share of her concoction. It was simply a good time had by all. Here is the lovely Sara to share her magic:

“Bartender, I love Strawberries and I love Vodka”.

Take it away Sara…..

During the summer, I make my infamous strawberry vodka. It is the first thing to run out at every party. Everyone I know loves it and it is supper easy. All you need is a little pre planning.

The Process….

(1) Get a 1 square gallon plastic container from Smart and Final. I get the spout at the bottom.

(2) Get a large flat of strawberries. You will need enough to fill the container.

(3) Wash the strawberries, cut off the stem and half them. Place the strawberries into the plastic container.

(4) After the container is filled with strawberries, add vodka. Fill it all the way to the top. The higher quality of the vodka, the better it will taste.

(5) Let this mixture sit a room temperature for 3 to 4 weeks. [note from editor: yes, you read that correctly]

(6) When you are ready to serve, I drain the vodka out of the plastic container (because the strawberries do not look so pretty anymore). I usually serve the strawberry vodka over ice with soda water or lemonade. If you are a big vodka drink, just serve it over the rocks.

During the summer, Cost Plus carries large glass containers with a spout at the bottom. These containers are ideal for the presentation of this drink. I would recommend emptying the finished product into the glass container and adding a fresh batch of strawberries and pineapple for presentation . I usually place this strawberry vodka on a separate table with an assortment of mixers, ice and glasses.

I have also made this same drink with raspberries, oranges, watermelon and pineapple. As general rule of thumb, I only use the part of the fruit I would eat (ex. remove the peel from the orange).

People tend to underestimate the intoxication power of this drink so WATCH OUT.









  1. Kendel Pink says

    Yummy!! What a great post- I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Kathleen – would you store the rest of the strawberry vodka that isn’t consumed – if such a thing is possible! – in the freezer? And, do you know about how long it stays good? I’m thinking quite a while if it has been sitting on my counter for 3-4 weeks, but I just wanted to be sure! I can’t wait to try this! yum!

  3. uhhh YUM! and so easy…

    you are going to hate me for this…. but… could I make a tiny suggestion??

    ditch the plastic and go with GLASS container (at Costco/just spotted it yesterday) for distilling /storing/etc….


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