Hawaii, you had me at Island

Introducing Ms. Kelly, a Cetologist and a wonderful concierge for many lucky travelers to Maui, Hawaii. She is a beauty from Orange County, California, and a delightful friend. Bosom Buddies since 7th grade, I miss her face/laugh/support/humor now that she owns a home in Maui. Yes, she is a Maui local. Drivers license with Kamaaina (a long-term Hawaiian local) rates (discounts below retail from tourism) to prove it. Except of course on these new wonderful Hawaiian finds for your little Keiki’s.

So what is Cetology? Good question, it is the branch of marine science associated with the study of cetaceans, which is the order that has whales, dolphins, and porpoises. By the way have you heard of Larry the Whale? Logically, a scientist who studies whales is a cetologist. Ms. Kelly is a Cetologist at heart. Below is her ‘rainbow beach’ photo.

But before we get to the science, if a Maui idyllic island zen family lovefests is your kind of thing, please visit the Pineapple Grill at the Kapalua Resort. Request time with Kelly and she will fill you in on the best of everything Maui style. She is uber knowledgeable and knows EVERYONE on the island. Oh, by the way, check out the food she serves at the Pineapple Grill.

So when she is not helping every traveler she serves have a wonderful time in Maui, she studies whales from her door step. To enlighten you, did you know:

Humpback Whales swim to Maui from Alaska, spend the entire winter here, then make the long journey back home leaving Maui in April and May.

The Humpback Whale has come for generations to an area between the islands of Hawaii in Maui.

Humpback Whales don’t eat a thing during all the months they are away from Alaska.

Whales’ lungs are the size of a Volkswagen!

Whales’ babies, born here on Maui, grow at a rate of 100 pounds a day!

Adult Humpback Whales lose about 25% of their body weight during this period.

Humpback Whales spend the majority of their day below the surface of the water and just come to the surface to breathe. Though these whales can stay down for as long as 45 minutes, their average dive time is about 10 minutes.

The waters around Maui are a legislated sanctuary for the Humpback whale, and since these Humpbacks whales are treated with such respect, they keep coming back year after year. Pods put on a spectacular show, playing, slapping their flukes, waving their tails and “breaching” (leaping high out of the water into the air). When they surfaced to play Kelly was there with her camera.

Check out her photography she shared with Sugar and Spice!

On a final note, I will leave you with some more Island photos to wet your vacation whistle.

Mahalo nui loa



  1. Pineapple Grill – First place we ate on our honeymoon 15 years ago! THE BEST sunset views anywhere!!

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. If I ever move there, I am totally going to pay someone to get a Kamaaina driver’s license so I can fit in with the wahine!

  4. Got married at Kapalua – special place in my heart as do whales… and photographs… ahhhh let me just absorb for a moment.

    thanks for the linky love.

  5. I love whales! Those gentle giants are such beautiful! I love that Kelly studies whales at heart! I think I might as well visit Maui some time. 😉