Hollywood Report: 1st hand at American Idol Gives Back

“She left at lunch time, why do I feel she won’t be home until after midnight?”

This is a first hand report of American Idol Gives Back taped Wednesday Night in Los Angeles.  As it unfolded, the afternoon began driving, parking, ticket retrieving, whisked in side doors under security, only to land directly behind David Arquette third row center.

After being seated,  half the people surrounding our seats were nameless, while the other half were terrific  – but dang, couldn’t place so-n-so in that movie, song, TV show, etc.

Then begins the pre-audience warm up, centered around a comedian with gifts. He joked with the crowd, while the most charming folks received door prizes.

Then it was SHOWTIME.

Always remarkable when the President appears with the Fox logo.

To begin the Top 12 sing in all white outfits. It’s lip sync job.

Jennifer Garner video visiting a mountain community in Kentucky

Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger gives out the phone number to American Idol gives back. PSA  – I LOVE THIS MAN.

The Black Eye Peas come out for “Rock that Body”

Ferg, as I referred to her directly a few hours later, swivelled her hips in a plunging one-piece and matching over-the-knee boots that resembled snakeskin on TV. From our location, the scales were actually made from gold, silver and black metal but it would have been the flesh-coloured bits of her that would have burned into the memories of most viewers. She really knew how to pivot her hip joints. She must do Pilate’s.

Guitar-playing Jeff Beck was joined by Joss Stone and choir for their take on ‘I Put a Spell on You’.  Joss wore a floor-length sparkling grey halterneck dress for her performance. Upon walking into the venue she tripped and fell flat. I was on the verge of jumping up to help her, having NO IDEA who she was, but security was way ahead of me. She had plastic flowers (roses and hydrangea) all over her drum equipment and speakers. Ah youth.

George Lopez comes on he is funny

Alicia Keys, sang her new ballad ‘Un-Thinkable” while wearing an unthinkable silky black trouser suit, before sitting down at the piano for NY Empire State of Mind.  She was pitchy and she felt it.  Her outfit looked like it was selected by the Beagle Brigade – no offense. Her fired stylist prolly needs to rethink her glute dimensions. Alicia felt uncomfortable in her horrid ensemble and it showed. Only when she sat at the piano, hiding her dimensions, did her true talent come out at a mere 75% for NY.  Even though her stylist wasn’t on their game, her PR people are. There are absolutely NO pictures on the internet tonight of her less than worthy outfit featured last night.

A former Idol winner, now superstar, Carrie Underwood sang her inspirational song about trying to make a difference in the world, ‘Change’. She was perfect, really truly perfect. It was mesmerizing. Have never heard SUCH a beautiful voice with that kind of range so close/live. TV sound ruined it, they also ruined the BEP’s – in my humble opinion.

We also had a gut wrenching Idol Gives Back story courtesy of Annie Lennox. Wish she would have made it across the pond. Darn that silly volcano.

The explosive ‘holleration’ of Mary J. Blige and her all-star band jamming out to “Stairway to Heaven.” No sirree, she was not just plain old Mary, and I say that with the highest possible praise. She did a great job in her Lady Gaga attire, sun glasses included.

Elton John, closed up the appearances, urging viewers to get educated about HIV/AIDS and tested before singing his piano ballad ‘Your Song’.  BTW, it took only 12 people to put Elton’s Red Yamaha Acoustic Piano on stage for his performance, 3 to wipe it down providing that camera sparkle/gleam.  He travels with this baby, it’s quite apparent.  Along with this special piano, his rider demanded a side table with ice bucket and two glasses of water with red hand towel holder adjacent.

Recapping the play list:

Black Eyed Peas: “Rock That Body”
Jeff Beck and Joss Stone with the Jubilation Choir: “I Put a Spell on You”
Alicia Keys: “Unthinkable’/”Empire State of Mind (pt 2)”
Carrie Underwood: “Change”
Annie Lennox: “Universal Child” (title is a best guess)
Mary J. Blige and her all-star band: “Stairway to Heaven”
Elton John: “Your Song”

After the show, Ruth Chris was the destination. While dining we became BFF’s with ‘Ferg’ and Josh Duhamel.



Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I wanna photoshop that last picture for ya!

    STILL visualizing your ferg pics in your INBOX… c’mon paparazzi can you help a bloggah out?

    • I know huh !?!? I was probably cropped out of their photos already from the paparazzi. Still hoping & visualizing. Checking spam folder! It will arrive. It will arrive.

  2. How hot was Josh??? SMOKIN’!!! And so gracious and down-to-earth!

  3. I’m so envious! Did Fergie happen to give you my shorts that she borrowed? And I could kick myself for erasing Idol Gives Back… I saw David Arquette in the audience and now I wish I still had the recording to go back and look for you. Glad you had a wonderful time!!!

  4. Julie via kathrasher
    Just read your post on American Idol. I don’t watch TV much, was the show already shown on TV? I assume Am Idol is recorded live? Sorry I am such a TV illiterate! My boyfriend and I went to see Black Eyes Peas and Fergie live here in Sacto, so I would have loved to see her perform again on TV. Let me know and as always, really enjoy your posts! Thanks for doing it for those of us who do not do facebook.

  5. ok I am glad I got to read this…you write beautifully. And can’t believe I missed the BEP….she does do Pilates btw. 😉 and she does seem tiny in that pic. Poor Joss…still want to see her live myself…thanks for sharing your colorful world. HUGS Kam

  6. Great pictures! I can’t believe you got to meet Ferg!!!! I wish I could be there! 🙁 I love the picture of Carrie Underwood. I’m a big fan of her. I also really love your website.;)

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