The Lover Boy’s… two 15″ Beagles settle in

Darcey was a 13″ Sporting Beagle.  A petite dainty Beagle compared to these two manly boys. Resembling small Labrador’s, these boys were both larger than Darcey by 20 lbs at least. Especially for Maddox, the Lemon, he had fat rolls – please forgive me Maddox.

My two oldest and Darling Husband (DH) hit it off with these Lover Boys instantly.

It was different for me and my youngest.  She looked up and clairvoyantly spoke my thoughts.

“I just want Darcey back”

That first night, I know for sure that these two sweet guys felt the same thing.

“I just want my Dog-Mommy back”

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