Daphney Photo Friday

Have a great weekend!

NO and you cannot make me!

All dogs, regardless of size or breed, need to be taken on daily walks to get moving. It is an important ritual in keeping your dog mentally and physically stable. For our Beagles, Maddox and Buddy, when running shoes are in hand they begin singing like contestants trying out for American Idol, dancing included. Walks […]

Auburn Interrogation

Breeders want to see their dogs placed in loving, responsible homes; they are careful about who buys their puppy’s. Before we were able to put a deposit down, we had to be interrogated.  One of the questions was: Where will your Beagle sleep? Answer = next to me, I will keep her warm always. (And she will be my tiny stuffed […]

Not for everyone

Beagles are not for everyone – but almost. Not only the personality, prescription but the packaging of this little scent hound makes it an ideal breed as a house companion. The only thing better than one Beagle is two.  Seems the Lover Boys are entranced by the culinary delights for DH (Darling Husband) tonight.

We all have our Junk

When Buddy get’s anxious, as you recall he is the sensitive one, he nurses his green blanket. Parts of it has fist sized holes in it. Those must have been some tough Beagle days; perhaps his dinner was delayed by a few minutes, the scent of a rabbit dried up, etc. I Imagine if he […]

The Angelina Jolie of Beagles

9 weeks old (out of sequence from the story I have told, pilule but I could not resist a puppy photo today) The most beautiful Beagle in the world, with a world-class Supermodel personality to boot.

Understanding Maddox the Lemon

There was something a little different about Maddox. He did bay-bark-howl when someone came to the door, when he played with Buddy, and of course, outside when catching the scent of another animal. All of this is typical Beagle behavior. However there was something else there. It wasn’t just the behavior of adjusting to a […]

Let the Bromance begin

Words cannot describe how much Buddy ADORED Darling Husband. I suppose after years of being second to the Alpha Beagle Male, Maddox, he realized there was a new sheriff in town and he was going to saddle up in DH’s posse as his number one deputy. Darling Hubbie seemed pleased. A Bromance was born.

Personalities Emerge

Dogs have definite unique personalities and if you listen they will tell you. Maddox thought he was the king, there help he told me his middle name was Elvis. Buddy was quite and responsive, cialis shall we say the sweet sensitive type? The two made for the perfect pair, one looking after the other. They […]