Holding Her Hand

I am with my Grammie today and we are holding hands in a hospital in Fort Wayne, shop Indiana. Send your sparkly thoughts her way if you can. You can read more about this amazing lady here  and here. Kathleen

UltraLuxe – Jiggling in Perfect Sync

A seat that bounces and moves while you watch a movie. Um…No Thank You. I’ve experienced those unsettling seats before and walked out dizzy, looking for a motion sickness bag.  My apologizes SeaWorld.  The family loves that Wild Arctic Ride, but my sensory system is not a fan.  I vowed never to place my booty […]

iPhone App PhotoSync – I love you

There were 2,556 photos on my iPhone. Alrighty, yes, I confess to my Instagram obsession.  I take a lot of photos during the course of the day.  It’s a healthy creative outlet.  But I felt bad, my poor iPhone was smoking and screaming for mercy.  No more photos until you erase at least half of these, […]