A Bride to Be: Her Wedding Shower

Full of charm, search pastel colors, pharmacy and beautiful decor, this shower was the perfect occasion to celebrate my lifelong friend. The shower not only has me searching for an excuse to re-register, it also makes me wish the bachelorette weekend fabulosity was this weekend. 

Jennas Shower--17Jennas Shower--27Jennas Shower--24Jennas Shower-002Jennas Shower-006Jennas Shower-004Jennas Shower-010Jennas Shower-042Jennas Shower-034Jennas Shower-018Jennas Shower-008Jennas Shower-031Jennas Shower-032Jennas Shower-046Jennas Shower-049Jennas Shower-057Jennas Shower-063Jennas Shower-066Jennas Shower-073Jennas Shower--20Jennas Shower--7Jennas Shower--31Jennas Shower-086Jennas Shower--15Jennas Shower--37Jennas Shower--41

Beach House here we come.


PS: Baileys in Coffee is my new favorite indulgence. Look out Mimosa.

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