Dahlstrom Halloween Splendor

I would like to introduce you to my friend Coby Dahlstrom. We went to college together. I love to see what she dreams up for her family’s Halloween Costumes each year She is a very creative gal; they are always terrific. So in spirit of the Holiday today, I would like to share a recap […]

How to Make Perfect Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

First carve your pumpkins and get those seeds out of that stringy matter, ampoule pills a j.o.b. for the little ones.   Then rinse the pulp off the seeds. Using a colander is handy. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Since each year our pumpkins deliver different quantities of seeds, here is a handy-dandy table […]

Wordless Wednesday Halloween Style

FRIENDSHIP – What is in your wallet?

The first time I met Lindsey it was in a gathering of mutual friends. We were strangers. Feeling silly and boisterous, I told her to be quiet because she “talked” way too much. The irony, she was as quiet as a church mouse. She laughed at my request and we have been friends ever since. […]

Play Dates at the Hospital

Hello friends. Sorry to be MIA and not finishing up Chicken Recipe Week but I have been busy with a bevy of play dates. Play dates with a handful of new friends from the medical community. Some of these friendly experiences have been lovely. While others have been … well… MEH… are you listening Blue […]

A Wet One {Wordless Wednesday}

A Wet One – Wordless Wednesday (iPhone Capture)

DH’s Favorite Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Recipe

As newlyweds DH asked me to make his favorite spaghetti from his childhood. It was a recipe from his next door neighbor all the years of his youth. In 1995, I called Mrs. Lung to ask for this famous recipe.  She picked up on the second ring. I explained to her that her adopted son […]

Pause Day 3 of Chicken Week for {Wordless Wednesday} with a great wine find

Alrighty friends. Instead of a recipe today to drool over. I’m taking my foot off the pedal to have a day of photographic scenery. But I won’t leave you hanging. Check out below for a great economical bottle of Red Wine that will float your boat. For Wordless Wednesday (perhaps a little wordy today), cheap […]

Vampire Slayer Chicken {Chicken with Forty+ Cloves of Garlic}

Welcome to Day TWO of Chicken Recipe Week.  In the spirit of Halloween today we are featuring Vampire Slayer Chicken due to its heavy Garlic content. Don’t worry the garlic is not overwhelming and pungent tasting in this recipe. It is roasted bringing out a nutty smokey flavor. This chicken recipe is one of my favorites. I’ve made […]