C’est Magnifique Madeleine Cookie Recipe

In 13 years DH and I will go on sabbatical. We will visit France for 6 months and I’ll enroll in cooking school. One of the first and most simple thing you learn is how to make a perfect Madeleine Cookie Recipe. Recognizing this I have begun preparing for my future culinary undertaking. Madeleine’s are one […]

Picture Fall Series with Tracey Clark

Last June I enrolled in Tracey Clark’s Picture Summer Series. Each morning I was greeted by an email from Tracey challenging me to capture summer through my eyes and lens. The result of the adventure can be viewed HERE. It was a splendid journey.    When I had the chance to meet the lovely and […]

Wordless Wednesday St Paul's Children's Garden

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Every time I sit at the computer, the barking begins. The more I say “STOP-IT”, the louder and more pronounced it becomes.    It was driving me crazy. I even considered, since she is in her ‘season’, it was hormones and need a doggie Xanax. {Is there such a thing?} But then I paused, to ask myself, why is she […]

Delightful Halloween Finds

This post is being added to the SITS website www.thesitsgirls.com in hopes of winning a new camera. A Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Come October, my mom was quite talented at whipping up Halloween Costumes. Her little ones would describe what they wanted ‘to-be’ and she went to work. In 1980 I dreamt up a ‘I Dream of Genie’ costume. What can I […]

Wordless Wednesday – The Beagles


All Good Dogs Deserve These Treats

Check out these wonderful New Doggie accessories at Crate and Barrel.  They make your four legged friends feel a little more part of the family.             And my Favorite:   set of 4 Dog Bone Toys for $39.80          Enjoy your weekend friends.    

What type of camera should I buy?

I have been asked this question lately by a few friends. In June there was a post about the equipment in my photography arsenal, click HERE to read. Here is a better list of which camera to start out with if you are interested in photography. As well as everything in between. The list ends with a dream […]

Wordless Wednesday – Fall into Soccer

              I’ll be here until Thanksgiving – send sunscreen.