What I learned on Emmy night; a list

I sat down to write a post about a delightful find and something became distracting beyond compare: The Emmy’s Here is a list of what I learned tonight, in no particular order. Jane Lynch, loved her acceptance speech, Sue Sylvester your award was so well deserved. Jon Hamm is on my island, such a sexy […]

Macadamia Nut Fudge Brownies with Kahlua Hot Fudge

It is such an adult combo: Chocolate, Nuts and Liquor. Yes, Please. In my humble opinion, the two nuts that are in the superior nut category are Cashews and Macadamia nuts So while thinking about baking some great new/different brownie’s I went with Macadamia nuts instead of traditional walnuts. Macadamia nuts are mild enough to […]

Wordless Wednesday – San Francisco, California

   Ventura, sovaldi sale California after lift off    Ambience during lunch   Gelato Poor man’s art in progress Pretty   Coit Tower 25 Cervantes in the Marina District, patient some windows have tiny views of the Golden Gate Bridge mine did. Alcatraz Island Palace of Fine Arts, medicine Marina District Flora and Fauna

How to enjoy a San Francisco Boot Camp

Last weekend was spent in the City by the Bay for a San Francisco Bloggy Boot Camp Session; networking with many talented women from an online community known to some as social media.    The Modchik was my wingman. Upon arrival, medicine even with my wingman. I was a little anxious, help was I was […]

What would be your first thought?

  What would be your first thought if you saw this frequent your bathroom floor? Do the small ones need help in learning a little more wet towel etiquette? Or Is DH getting lazy with his bathroom manners or …possibly working too hard and has no energy left to be a tidy one anymore? Or […]

A List of The Things I Have Learned

I understand friends that you want to know more about yours truly. I get it. I really do. Sugar and Spice began in an attempt to share photos and stories about our two adopted Beagles as well as keep the Brilliant Beagle Breeders updated about the co-owned Daphney (she is kinda related to Uno the Beagle, […]

Photo Assignment – LOVE {{UPDATED}}

Update: one of these photos was selected out of tens of thousands of entries by the Pioneer Woman for her Love photography contest! Guess which one? Hint, unhealthy DH will be laughing really hard when he finds out. Ree from The Pioneer Woman this week asked for friends to share photos representing “Love”. Here are […]

Coveted Fall Fashion

Is it Fall yet? Is it Fall yet? Not here in So Cali. The weather just started heating up, but I still can’t resist the new Fall Offerings I desire. If I was a millionaire, this is what I would be buying. And if I had to choose just one thing, it would be those […]

Hollywood Report – Show Me Your Teeth {Lady Gaga}

  I kept repeating to myself, ‘She is only 24 years old’‘She is ONLY 24 years old’‘She is ONLY 24 YEARS OLD. When I was 24, I was planning my wedding, breaking into the corporate world, and paying rent while living in an overpriced San Francisco flat. Lady Gaga at 24 (see I keep repeating […]