Mixing Up Some Holiday Fun GIVEAWAY!

Sipping a cup of jo and nibbling on a cookie personify the holiday season at mi casa. There are two kitchen elves that offer up treats and strong coffee that make this happen. The ole Kitchenaid Mixer sits proudly next to the Keurig, shop waiting to be of service. Well, the three of us have […]

Cheese and Wine Dip


I am so sorry for this one. Really I am. Putting these things together and then dumping it into a bread bowl is dietary uncool for those watching their physique. But you know what, it’s the holidays and Carbo Loading with Cheese and Wine are ideal for those ‘cheat days’ methinks. Come to think of […]

Delectable Mashed Potato Recipe

It is almost Turkey Time! Would you like to try a new mashed potato recipe? Here is a Delectable Mashed Potato Recipe. This recipe has been a gold card member for many years in the recipe binder.   The flavors, look oddly enough, see can pair with most any meal, from lamb to turkey.  Heck, […]

Disneyland, Southern California Holiday Style

Disneyland. The happiest place on earth. Living here in Southern California, sometimes you loose sight of the 500 acre utopia right in your back yard. We go once a year. I wish it was more frequent like it once was for our family. The days before school drop-off’s and pick-up’s were spent enjoying year round […]

Friday Kate Spade Obsessions

Color, prescription shine and glitter from Kate Spade have me glowing with delight! I want it all, medical especially that cap!

Dad is great. Gives us the Chocolate Cake!

Does anyone here remember Bill Cosby’s Skit eons ago? It was an HBO special that aired ad nauseum during my youth. Each and every time it aired, we howled.  We all knew my Daddy would have completely channeled Bill Cosby.  My mother?  Being a product of the 50’s, would have responded in utter disgust. After watching […]

Election Night

It’s election night and everyone is anxious. Checking their phones, sale text messaging  and hovering around cable news channels.  Why does it always boil to to FLORIDA? I don’t watch the news. Gave it up cold turkey after 911. All that doom and gloom weighted too heavy on my daily life; made me bonkers. Walking […]

Kathleen Enge Photography

Did I really just type that title? Yes. I did. In a tiny voice. Would you care to take a gander on something I probably should have done long ago? But, for so many reason failed to do so. Gulp. Okay. Here goes. Be gentle – I bruise easily. Drum Roll Please…. Kathleen Enge Photography […]