14 Retro Chic Fonts

Let’s talk about fonts, 14 Retro Chic Fonts. All super bitchen. I casually came across the font Caviar Dreams a while back. This was when it all began. Being caught off guard, I was unprepared by how deeply and uncontrollably I loved it. The subtle tilt of the lower case ‘e’ and the uppercase ‘Q’ […]

Baked French Toast With Macadamia Nuts

Baked French Toast With Macadamia Nuts, I’ll take it any way I can get it.  What appeals to me is it sweetness along with the cinnamon and that magic crunch from the roasted nuts. The inspiration came from the discount rack at the store, $.99 for a load of day old bread. Add some milk (whole,) eggs, and […]

Because You Asked

My girl Lindsey tagged me for a blogging chain interview a while back. Answering Lindsey’s questions gave me room for pause. I needed to think about my responses. Precisely what should share – let it all hang out or keep it close to the vest? Needless to say this has been a work in progress. […]

Polaroid Z2300 Awesomeness

The Polaroid Z2300. And the angels did sing. Please, please, Santa put one in my stocking. Photojojo is where you can have the elves find them. It’s my favorite online photo place, chalked full of awesome. My camera bag has a Polaroid camera, its huge. The camera that is. This Polaroid Z2300 however is tiny and still delivers […]

Friday Favorites


1. Haage Daz my love for you is true. It is a sweet sweet LOVE that will last forever. 2. Where is Rick Moranis these days? His improvisations in Ghostbusters, (shot in one continuous take) where legendary. A few more unscripted great Movie  Moments. 3. If my oldest wasn’t growing up so fast, her hair would […]

The Shops at Target

Did you know Target launched The Shops at Target in May? The Shops at Target highlights distinctive specialty stores and boutiques from near and far, buy cialis offering affordable, limited-edition collections co-created by the shop owners. This month, September 2012, Target will launch the fall installment of The Shops at Target, with collections from four […]

12 Years Ago

Time 8:27am, September 10, 2000. The nurse smiled, I mean really smiled, then rubbed my arm with force, “she may arrive a little blue and floppy honey.” I was 29 and completely inexperienced in labor and delivery. I thought the nurse meant my baby would be a touch tired after labor and have a slight discoloration. […]

Whole Foods Market Newport Beach is Coming

How many of you have been anxiously awaiting for the arrival of the new 32,000 square-foot Whole Foods Market at 415 Newport Center Drive in Fashion Island?  As far as I am concerned we need a Whole Foods Market on every corner in Orange County. Shopping at a Whole Foods Market takes grocery shopping to […]

Haagen-Dazs Forever

Orange County, it was the 1980’s. There was a local Haagen-Dazs store. It smelled like heaven dressed in dark red and white. Come Sunday night it was a go-to when the DMV bestowed yours truly with a driver’s license. The question was how many under-aged teenagers could I pile in my Mazada? I fly, you […]