UCLA Theta 20th Reunion Part I

Last Friday I was itchy to leave the house. The UCLA Theta 20th Reunion was calling. I kissed DH and the little people good-bye and was off to play with my Theta sisters. The destination was the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach for the weekend. I bring you today Part I from my camera […]

Two Essential iPhone Apps for Earthquakes

We have had a flurry of earthquakes here in Southern California over the last 12 hours. Want to know how many? 26 as of 11:30 PST 8/8/2012. Think it’s time to share two essential iPhone apps for Earthquakes. I’ve kept track of earth quakes ever since the San Andreas Fault North Ridge Quake (6.7m) of […]

Camera Settings for Pets

Pets, generic animals or any wildlife in general all need special camera settings. Our furry feathered friends do not pose or hang out for very long. So you need to be quick. With this in mind, I feel, camera settings for pets, your shutter speed needs to be king. The following is my recipe (using […]

Peplum at Sparklecorn?

The peplum thing really is happening. What is it? It’s the short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. Do you love it or hate it? Will you being wishing you could pop that Peplum at Sparklecorn this weekend? Let’s check it out:   Peplum Point Tank at Anthropologie […]