Never Be Bored Again with Tori Spelling

Burbank, California was a happening place last Tuesday. A little on the warm side, but well worth it.  Dressed in pre-labor day white jeans, I grabbed the big girl  camera, jumped in the car, cruised up the 5 freeway to join in some Never Be Bored Again festivities with Tori Spelling. For the back story, […]

New Family Room from Candice Oslon Tells All

New Family Room from Candice Oslon Tells All The family room. It’s the one place in our home where everyone congregates. Having the kitchen next to it helps in gathering the crowd.  The floor is wood and the cabinets are maple. The walls where yellow, pharmacy so over it.  Last spring, tadalafil I thought this was […]

Cheese and Pancetta Breakfast Casserole

We are headed back to school soon. Cue sad trombones. Sigh. To get my head back in the early morning breakfast routine this Cheese and Pancetta Breakfast Casserole is what will be on deck. I like to send my little people off with a hearty breakfast on their first day back in the trenches. Besides, […]

Twitter and Instagram – A Few Funny and Inspiring Feeds

Here are a few online friends from Twitter and Instagram that make me smile, either by their brilliant wit or crazy awesome iPhone photos. Let’s start with the wit first. Twitter is terrific for breaking news, bloggers, banter during the Academy Awards (or any award show for that matter), and all sorts of trends. However, most of […]

Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa

The Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa, California just turned 5 years old. Way to go… Idaho! Have you been there friends? It’s a personal favorite here in the OC. Brunch with  girlfriends and date night dinners have been memorable and down right tasty dining experiences. So let me tell you about it. Breakfast is […]

Layered Bob Thanks to Kate and Marisa

No, this is not the new layered bob hair. This is the photo of me and my Daddy, when I realized it was time for a  hair makeover. Okay. The pic was taken in Palm Springs, and it was a billion degrees and I was shooting the party. However, there should be no excuse. Stringy hair […]

Crock Pot Barbeque Beef Sandwiches Recipe

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s; are heavy calendar days. It’s difficult to find time to make dinner.  I want a homemade meal, but sitting on the practice field calls for a bit of help from the ole crock pot. Here was last weeks Thursday’s meal, Crock Pot Barbeque Beef Sandwiches. DH woke each morning looking forward to […]

C. Wonder in Fashion Island is Wonderful

CLOTHING. ACCESSORIES. HOME DÉCOR. SURPRISES. Orange County you are in for a real treat. C. Wonder has come to town. It is a retail concept and lifestyle brand straight from New York from entrepreneur Chris Burch.  The new store had it’s Grand Opening this past weekend in Fashion Island. Right next to the Koi Pond. I felt […]

UCLA Theta Reunion Part II

UCLA Theta Reunion Part I can be found HERE Thank you Nikki for organizing the weekend. Thank you Sarah for the UCLA Theta Reunion Sunglasses for everyone. Thank you to those who flew in from all over the United States – way to rally Theta Style. Thank you Balboa Bay Club Thank you A Restaurant and […]