Obsessed; Shop Sosie

Whether your style is clean and classic, find or relaxed bohemian this online shop is a go to for any closet. Here is a recent favorite, viagra I almost bought one in every color. Chevron! The top is only $39 and comes in a variety of colors. Dresses too, which run $49. Wait there is […]

Opening a Film Time Capsule

Back in the day, sick I used a film camera. I thought about that old friend today. While updating picture frames in my oldest daughter’s room, store we came across a Film Time Capsule. Underneath the existing photo was a handful of photographic treasures I had left behind. All straight out of that trusted Canon […]

Mid Summer 2012

Hello Friends. How is your summer treating you? I hope your days have been chalked full of ice cream sundaes, slip-n-slides, and sheer coatings of sand on your flip-flops. Our summer has been a combo platter of good and not so good. The difficult stuff? Well, it began with He Had Been Hit By a […]

Gone But Not Forgotten {Shop Talk}

While it’s certainly not as devastating as no wine in the fridge, a parking ticket or rained-out golf, discovering your favorite cosmetic has been discontinued can sometimes feel like a terrible, horrible loss. Recently I was overcome by this feeling. My Bobbie Brown SPF 50 UV Protective Face base was; Gone But Not Forgotten. When […]

Pasta with Tomatoes, Basil and Feta

Here is the latest craving. Summer time would just not be the same without a little pasta with tomatoes, sale basil and feta. Mounds of Feta. All you need is your favorite pasta, ask Roma tomatoes, doctor basil, garlic, shallots, olive oil, a bit of butter, parmesan cheese and feta. It can come together in […]

iPhone Photography a Visual Guide

I take photos with my iPhone and I’m proud to say I’m an instagramer. A what? Instgram is a photo sharing app for both the iPhone and Android. Folks add photos to their feed by either using the camera built into their phone or by using a traditional camera. With a traditional camera pic, you […]

Fireworks, Family and Friends

July 4th. Parties and fireworks in Yorba Linda and Newport Beach were on the Calendar. Shindig enthusiasm filled the air. Then the little people came down with separate but equal plagues. Fever with malaise for one, cialis sale check the other a nasty hacky cough. Just splendid huh?  This of course put the kibosh on all […]

The Getty Center

Magical Places. I keep a little black book of em’. Standing in the fog near the San Francisco Bridge listening to the fog horn. A misty-magic place. Kilauea Volcano, on Maui, home to Pele’, the volcano goddess. Say no more. The Outer Banks of North Carolina where wild horses run free on the beach, a […]