Blue Cheese Burger with Caramelized Onions

School is out and Summer is in full swing. I’ve been inspired to start combing our local beaches for sea glass with the kids. Thanks Noel. Blue sea glass will be our pirates treasure. Could the recent bountiful sea glass finds on Southern California beaches be from Japan? Remants from last years tsunami? Deep thoughts. […]

He had been hit by a car

A few hours ago, while driving home, I came across a business man standing in the middle of a busy Southern California street. His car angled half hazardly in the bike lane. Noticing how he was frantically punching numbers on his iPhone, I realized he was in shock.  But why is this man distraught over […]

The Gift of Sawyer

He was fresh out of the oven and had the most amazing disposition; peaceful, ask observant, malady and oh so easy-going. These were the gifts given to him by his parents. Sawyer watched my camera and simply studied it with quite curiosity. He was gorgeous to photograph. But it was a difficult shoot, tears kept […]

As the World Turns in the OC, California

Hello Friends. I have been away from the ole blog for a bit for a few reasons. One, Orange County has been hugely busy this June and Two, I have a pain in my ass lower back. This pesky pain does not allow me to sit down for long. We are looking into it, no […]

Asian Noodle Chicken Salad

Hi! I’m still around. This End of School Year business is crazy-crazy. Leaves very little time for anything other than cookie baking, driving to and fro from campus, photos, year-end gifts… Believe-you-me, I barely have time to use the facilities. Three in elementary school will do that to you this time of year. When my […]

Chez Panisse, found by Alice Waters

60 minutes did a piece on Alice Waters in 2009. I caught it while flipping through the channels. It was about a little Berkeley restaurant know as Chez Panisse, found by Alice Waters in 1971. She was 27 years old. 27 people! From the beginning, Alice’s restaurant used the freshest local food available, prepared and […]

Nest Pretty Things

I found a new Esty Store, view Nest Pretty Things, generic and am smitten. Tamar’s jewelry is delicate, thumb feminine and summer time lovely. So nice. I want it all. I am still on a jewelry bender, don’t think that will ever end. The ones with the crystals – yes. The pink and light blue […]

Napa or Sonoma?

Napa or Sonoma? That is the question. If you are going on a wine-o weekend, stuff which do you choose? Inquiring minds. Well, remedy after umpteen trips to this wonderful Northern California region, I hope that I’ve got an informed wine-o-opinion. First, let’s talk about Sonoma. Wineries here tend to be smaller, friendlier, and more […]