Deviled Eggs Recipe – Plain and Simple

Love Deviled Eggs. Making them is an entirely different story. The most frustrating part; the peeling. In the past, doctor more hard-cooked egg than egg shells end up in the sink. Resulting in an unappealing miss-shaped appetizer.  No one will be running to those babies at a potluck gathering. With Easter this weekend I bring […]

Luna Pinot Grigio ~ a Favorite is on Sale!

While dining in Maui a few years ago, the sommelier brought over a bottle of Luna Pinot Grigio. It was true unconditional love. 2009 Napa Valley Pinot Grigio – “Vivid, juicy pear and peach flavors have a refreshing, soft acidity, with terrific details of apple blossom and spice.” Wine Spectator- May 2, 2011 Since then, […]

Wednesday Forest vs. The Trees

My Friend Joy helped me with this…. FOREST. Be supportive. Love openly. Get excited. Laugh out loud and unapologetically. Say your SORRY when you hurt someone. And mean it with all your heart. Express joy. It’s okay to cry. Love the big and small in life. Gather and share. Be brave. Show praise. TREES. How […]

This Weeks Discoveries from J.Crew and DVF

Spring is a favorite season. Everything about it speaks to me. Especially the new clothing arrivals. Here are a few finds I wish I could have featured in the magazine spread next month. However, search that has already gone to press. Drat.  So today, unhealthy I thought I would share them here with you. Straight […]

Carbonara Comfort Food

Here I am. Eating a bowl of carbonara comfort food with a mound of shaved Parmesan The hiatus last week was due to a little commitment on the calendar. A Silent Auction thingy. You see, public schools here in California have been hit pretty hard by state budget cuts. Fundraising foots the bill for many […]

Wordish Photo Wednesday

Been busy. Lawdy. Two words, Silent Auction (committee of one). You should see my house. It’s reminiscent of the week I took off to read the Twilight Series. Dirty dishes to the ceiling, laundry both clean and not so clean strewn everywhere. You get the picture. So for now, for today, I’ll share a few […]

A Glenda Gies Girl Crush

Glenda Who? I know. It does sound odd. But, there is a fabulous story behind it. Rewind a few years back. There was a  Mommy who toted a purse that caught my eye. It was difficult. I wanted her bag to call my very own. However, at the same time, I did not want to […]

Instagram time for #MARCHphotoaday

It has been a while since we did an Instagram recap. We are now well into March and the last one was February . Time flies. Wow – let’s get caught up, help why don’t we? So from IG friend @fatmumslim’s inspiration, buy viagra let’s get to work. Straight from my iPhone, here is the Instagram feed. […]

A UCLA Campus Visit

DH and I met in a little bar on the corner of Gayle and Weyburn in 1991 just off the Campus. It was known as Santopietro at the time. More recently, say in the 2000’s,  the bar went by the name of Maloney’s On Campus. Today, I do not know who owns it, but the […]