Catching Up

What day is it? It’s almost February?  Huh. Feels like I’ve been spit out of a black hole in the space-time continuum. Adjusting to West Coast time after pulling too many all nighters on the East Coast can wreak havoc on those circadian rhythms. Today we are catching up, so I can get a grasp […]

Packing Up Memories

The mid-west was both nice and cold by all accounts this week. I had never seen my Grammie’s home buried under a foot of white pristine snow. It seemed appropriate that the cold weather came with the cold hard task of packing up her precious belongings.  That is where I spent the last 5 days. […]

Wordless Wednesday – Be back soon

For Better Airplane Food – A Plane Picnic

Airplane Food. Oh my. This weekend I’ll be flying across the county to a very cold destination.  I don’t mind the 20 degree weather as much as I mind the to and fro in-flight meals. Julia Child once said that she’d rather eat a peanut-butter-honey sandwich than suffer through airplane food. Even when it was […]

How To Cook Live Crabs

I had never done this. Live Crab? I don’t know how to cook live crabs. The thought of boiling Mr. Crab alive made my heart wince. Visions of standing over boiling water, not being able to drop Mr. Crab to its demise were strong. I’m a sensitive shellfish type – wimpy wimpy wimpy. The answer […]

Where Surfers Buy Seafood in Orange County

Itching for a little surf and turf for upcoming foootball game playoffs? Need to know where to buy live crab and lobster at a reasonable price? Well, look no further, straight from the surfers who surf our Pacific waters, here are two favorite fresh fish places. Here is Where Surfers Buy Seafood in Orange County. Dory Fishing […]

Instagram Friday

Hello friends. Today is going to be short and sweet. Tonight we are off to Nick and Step’s Steakhouse in downtown Los Angeles for a night on the town. If you would like to come along you can find my Instagram feed at Ksugarandspice. Here are the first two weeks of 2012. Enjoy. Have a […]

Juicing Recipe – A Delicious Green Smoothie

Juicing Recipes. With juicing being a New Years Resolution for many, medicine here is a favorite juicing recipe to share. I love it because it tastes great. Pinky swear, it just needs to be cold. Afterwards I feel like a green goddess, healthy and ready to take on the day. Look out Olive Oil, Popeye […]

A Montage Resort in Laguna Birthday and Cheese Plate

I just turned 42 years old, yep that’s me. My dad still cannot believe it.  He shakes his head in disbelief every time I mention it. Strangely, I still feel like I’m in my twenties. Perhaps a better way to say it would be, I just turned 28 with 14 years experience. Yes indeedy, staying […]