The Shark and Daphney the Beagle

The garage was a pitiful sticky mess.  Seven-up and melted popsicle puddles were EVERYWHERE.  Furthermore, dust, fur, and carbon emissions had layered themselves on top of the food glue.  Day after day. I don’t really care for dirty messes.  They make me nervous.  It’s an affliction. When the garage floor gets unbearable, I break out the […]

Roasted Vegetable Penne with Feta and Goat Cheese; 4th of July Potluck Recipe

This year, Roasted Vegetable Penne with Feta and Goat Cheese {along with roasted butternut squash and walnuts} could be your crowd pleaser.  The lovely ladies from The Perfect Pair Shower have asked for the recipe, so here is it. Last 4th of July, Asparagus ~ Pancetta Lasagna as well as the Ultimate Chocolate Cake were […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 166 to 179}

Hiya friends. The weather is warming up here in Southern California.  June gloom weather has departed and summer sunshine has arrived.  We have been busy celebrating birthdays and anniversary’s these last two weeks.  A Cars 2 screening at the new UltraLuxe premium theater in Anaheim’s GardenWalk was a special treat last weekend.  Hey, the theater just got […]

Twins Baby Shower ~ The Perfect Pair

We had a baby shower brunch this past Sunday for our friend Ginell. She is having the perfect pair of twins; a boy and girl.  The quick decision that the theme of the party should be centered around this was made.  We created a pear green baby shower for this perfect “Pair”.  Throwing in a little […]

Winner of Dey Dey Ranch Giveaway

The winner of the $100 Gift Certificate to Dey Dey Ranch was lucky number 18. Congratulations Adam Rogers! I’ll be in contact, buy viagra via email, and about your Gift Certificate. Happy Grilling

Steak Recipe with Stilton Sauce ~ Giveaway Included.

How was everyone’s Friday night?  DH and I had a special night for our anniversary.  We went out to dinner, ordered Surf and Turf and drank wine.  Thank you Nieuport 17.   The steak with peppercorn sauce was mighty fine. Would you like a steak recipe for 4th of July Grilling?  Here is a favorite.  I promise […]

It Was Meant To Be

You were playing pool at the college bar we frequented in Westwood, illness cialis California.  It was December 1991.  We were 21 years old and had been dating for three months.  You sank the 8 Ball in the corner pocket and a quiet voice in my head whispered you were “The One”.   Later that night, viagra I […]

Trader Joe’s Shopping List {Shop Talk}

Shopping at Trader Joe’s is not ordinary.  It elevates grocery shopping from a chore to an experience.  They stock their shelves with both staples and exotics.  You can find affordable luxuries such as Meyer Lemon Wafer Cookies to Thai Lime and Chili Cashews (both AWESOME), items you simply can’t find anywhere else. Below is a […]

Strawberry Pie

What to do with all these Strawberries of late?  Jam, Ice Cream Sundaes, in Spinach Salads and even infuse Vodka (recipe HERE).  It is all delectable. However, here at Basecamp, Strawberry Pie is a favorite.  If you would like to make one, it’s easy, just gather the following ingredients. Strawberry Pie: 1/4 cup cornstarch 1 1/2 […]