Silhouettes from Love & Victory {Shop Talk}

I discovered Meg Moorhouse of Love & Victory from a giveaway on A Cup of Jo this past week.   Meg makes beautiful jewelry and custom silhouettes.  After landing on her site, I had a childhood flash back….. Here I am circa 1976. When I was a wee sprite, my Mom had silhouettes made of her […]

Ritual Cleanse {Coupon Code Included} Shop Talk

Are you shopping for a dietary cleanse? Last December I was. I had a few extra pounds that had been gained during an over indulgent “relax and enjoy phase”. Yes, there I’ll take a side of French Fries with that please. I had heard about ‘cleanses’, sale but they made me wary. No solid food, […]

Eye Candy: Banksy and Liu Bolin

I love both of these artists, site healing Banksy and Bolin. Banksy is an anonymous English urban graffiti artist.  His street art is humors and sometimes satirically dark.  His works have been found on streets, stuff walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.  They pop up over night and everyone takes notice.  Banksy has been […]

Friday Tidbits

Hello friends, discount ready for the weekend?  Here in California we are having a weather change.  Thunderstorms they say.  I love some good thunder and lightening, doctor but the beagles don’t.  Three beagles running to drape themselves over my lap, search shaking, will be in store if the forecasters are correct.  Hopefully, that will not […]

Lessons in Life

Lessons in Life via The Beagle Brigade Be happy to see those you love The power of a compliment Play Say I’m sorry Include everyone Show your joy Nap Let your needs be known Be loyal Share Have a favorite toy Don’t hold a grudge Be supportive Protect and defend those you love What you […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 88 to 94}

Day Eighty Eight ~ Manners 3/30   Day Eighty Nine ~ Hot like Mexico 3/31   Day Ninety ~  Nurse Daphney 4/1   Day Ninety One ~ Dragonfly’s 4/2   Day Ninety Two ~ Feta Obsession 4/3   Day Ninety Three ~ Iceberg 4/4   Day Ninety Four ~ #1 Booty  4/5   Instagram iPhone […]

Dragon Inhaler

A member of our tribe has caught a germy.  My middle man has been pretty gosh darn sick with his own lil respiratory plague. So what in the HECK am I going to find that would even remotely be considered N I C E ? My newly found Pediatric Dragon Inhaler. Yep, ed there it is, […]

Dragonfly Shops and Gardens {Shop Talk}

Dragonfly Shops and Gardens invited a few local OC bloggers to be apart of their fairy garden demonstration last month.  This sounded like a ton of fun. Me and my crew were in. We set out to play in the dirt at Dragonfly, in the historic Old Towne Orange Plaza in Orange, California.  Upon arrival, I […]

Flip Flop Weather

Here in So Cali it has been unusually warm the last couple of days giving us a glance at summer.  I went to grab my flip flops when I realized Daphney had eaten them. By the way, patient DH says it’s my fault since I left them within distance of her mouth.  I just think […]