A List of The Things I Have Learned

I understand friends that you want to know more about yours truly.


I get it.

I really do.

Sugar and Spice began in an attempt to share photos and stories about our two adopted Beagles as well as keep the Brilliant Beagle Breeders updated about the co-owned Daphney (she is kinda related to Uno the Beagle, if you’re scratching your head, check out here, I’ll wait).

Furthermore, if you caught that, yes – we share ownership of Daphney with Breeder Julie from Auburn Beagle. It is a tale that DH loves to share at cocktail parties, but I digress. Julie and I co-own Daphney until she has litter of puppies. Thank.you.very.much.

Think about it friends, what Top Notch Beagle Breeder in their right mind would let a super model puppy such as Daphney, who could potentially produce another Uno, be “fixed” after a straight forward family pet adoption?

Uhmm no


So we agreed to the terms; happily I might add. We look forward to Daphney’s litter of new fur babies to spoil for 8 weeks in the not too distant future. How cool is it that I already know her future babies have homes after their arrival. Amen.

Okay, moving forward with my story, I started a doggie Blog and then….

Thankfully, due to some very persuasive friends, (you know who you are) I was encouraged to give more of myself which I anxiously did. Dang, my persuasive friends were right, I should have listened sooner.

With this encouragement Sugar and Spice has taken off, more than I ever thought possible.

I really had no idea.

Allrighty, history lesson over.

Back to my intentions of this post.

After much thought, I feel a personal diary list of “The Things I Have Learned” will become a Blog feature.

I hope you enjoy a little corner of my mind and have your appetite to ‘know’ more satiated. I disclose that these are fleeting thoughts, now never lost, from my brain to yours.

Be Prepared.

Here we go with the first Diary Style list {the theme is TBD think ‘somewhat random’}

  1. Aquafore and Desitin work serious wonders. (I agree Shanna)
  2. Chopped grilled vegetable salads are the most beautiful salads in the world when you add grilled chicken.
  3. I can totally rock sandals with straps across the ankles.
  4. A big bowl full of Hersey Kisses is a total crowd pleaser.
  5. Wine Fairies DO exist.
  6. Can’t wait to ask for White OPI Gel nail polish this fall.
  7. There is a mathematical equation: your age + glasses of wine at night = cups of strong coffee in the morning.
  8. The occasional splurge on clothes makes you realize just how much other stuff you need.
  9. The Malibu Chocolate Cake Recipe with Carmel Garnish is magical.
  10. Using 1 terabyte of disc space for photography is never wrong. Think big. When you’re done thinking big, THINK BIGGER. (A petabyte is coming)
  11. I need to go to Portillos
  12. When in doubt, listen to ‘The Red Hot Chile Peppers’

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  1. Daphney’s great great grandfather is Uno’s grandfather. So they are very much related! Thank you for keeping us beagle folks updated, can’t wait to visit you when we are there to help Daphney with her little Delights!

    • Sheri Berndt-Smith says

      Ok…but much like closing the degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon, I think this particular beagle folk can put Daphney even closer to Uno. Daphney’s grandfather (on her sire’s side) is a half-brother to Uno, as her great-grandfather is Uno’s father. So…Uno is technically Daphney’s great-uncle!

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