GNO version 4.0

I was preparing for a GNO (okay, really a GWO – W stands for week) to celebrate version 4.0. (uummm that means turning 40) with my long time crew. While packing I began thinking about the quote “you can never make a NEW, old friend”. With this crew we have known each other for a lifetime, the […]

The W Hotel in Hollywood Tour – reposting

We had a scheduled posting error yesterday, please click the link below to read today’s post.   The W Hotel in Hollywood Tour – Reposting Have a great day friends, thinking of you. Kathleen

Photography of the Beagle Brigade

Hollywood Report – Glee Live”>Spring

Friday night at the Gibson Amphitheatre, “Glee” performed, Michele Lea strolled through the audience belting out “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” she is for sure, a rising uber star. This I now know. The concert was a compilation of music that provides the shows pulse. The Fist-pumping choruses were kicked off by the well recognized Glee introduction; “bum-bum […]

Pitcher Perfect

I love classic wine cocktails for summer parties. I’m not sure if wine cocktails are true cocktails, but these recipes are still ideal for summer fun and entertaining. My go-to is a white or red sangria. I tend to prefer my wine straight up, see here , but have been known to make a wicked […]

Wordless Wednesday – Flowers

Flowers   From the iPhone.     My little flower wearing her favorite shirt.

We still kinda hate her

Sorta, try okay, viagra well maybe a lot. Yeah, she is getting a little bit bigger, but she still annoys the heck out of us old men. We are gonna hold our higher ground….

Bartender, “I love Strawberries and I love Vodka”.

Tap.Tap.Tap – is this microphone on? I would like to introduce Sara Sara is to the left in the red sash. (Love the Red, try Blue and White ensemble) At her last party she served this Delightful Find. Wow, I was smitten. I can neither confirm or deny I had my fair share of her […]

Hawaii, you had me at Island

Introducing Ms. Kelly, a Cetologist and a wonderful concierge for many lucky travelers to Maui, Hawaii. She is a beauty from Orange County, California, and a delightful friend. Bosom Buddies since 7th grade, I miss her face/laugh/support/humor now that she owns a home in Maui. Yes, she is a Maui local. Drivers license with Kamaaina […]