Delightful Find – A Mani that will rock your world.

I confess, nail polish for Mommy is a tough one. We love a great Mani, but the time, money, and ephemeral qualities make Mommy manicures a special treat. Like Shanna says from manicures are: “Too tough with kids that can mess them up before they dry, or driving home with palms only on the steering […]

Look who got some Big Girl Panties

The collar from Mod Dog was amazing!  However, Daphney, at only 14lbs, needs a few more months to grow into it. In the mean time, I found this little diddy from Bella Bean Couture. It suites the diva quite well and I love it! She now feels like she is wearing her ‘big girl panties’ when […]

Take me out to the ball game

Daphney Photo Friday Let’s play ball Until I am so worn out all I want is my Mommy [slideshow]