A Beagle Needs a Home, His Name is Milo

Times are tough economically. Let’s find someone to love Milo the Beagle. By Leighanne Spinney Hi, this is my friends Beagle. She just lost her home. She is now living in a hotel with her three daughters. She had to give him up , and gave him to a friend who in turn turned him […]

Small is the New Big

 While Daphney is definitely not shrinking, there is one thing dear to many of us that is.    SODA The latest mini cans are less than half the size of a standard 20-ounce bottle and contain only 90 calories. The cans are no longer short and squatty. Instead they resembled a “Mini Me” tall can of Coke. The […]

Hollywood Report: 1st hand at American Idol Gives Back

“She left at lunch time, why do I feel she won’t be home until after midnight?” This is a first hand report of American Idol Gives Back taped Wednesday Night in Los Angeles.  As it unfolded, the afternoon began driving, parking, ticket retrieving, whisked in side doors under security, only to land directly behind David Arquette third […]

McGyver Maddox Chocolate Chunk Cookies

   The kitchen smells unbelievably good.   McGyver Maddox has not been able to leave my side.   Since Chocolate is a no-no for dawgs.   This big guy is playing the pathetically neglected role tonight.   These treats McGyver Maddox loves but cannot have,   Chocolate Chunk Cookies.   SO ONWARD…   Let’s bake some cookies! You know you want to.   […]

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Warning, Chocolate is harmful/toxic to dogs are you listening McGyver? The following chocolates can be found at  Trader Joes. These Peanut Butter Cups are really good, they make Reese Peanut Butter cups taste like bath water. Priced at $3.99 for the large container Rocky Road Squares, you can’t eat just one. Dangerous stuff. Priced at […]

What can replace a Conundrum?

There is really no riddle here—Conundrum is just a darn fine bottle of wine. Is it for a special night out or a lazy Sunday afternoon by the pool? Should you serve it with Shrimp Scampi or Steak?     Yes. That’s the Conundrum. It is a perfect blend of grapes making it a perfect white wine, any […]

Born a Suspect

Shhh, be very still and quite   Anybody watchin’ ?   This rawhide bone belongs to that Diva Supermodel; Daphney.   We were told she “needs them for her teething” but I want to make it mine.all.mine   Victory, this feels so right.   Now, I just need to sneak away for some privacy. Ut oh, someone is coming.   […]

I am in love with this

   I love these Beagles and will continue to post about them. With that being said, medical seek  the gentle prodding and loving support of friends, has encouraged the metamorphosis of Sugar and Spice to expand: Delightful Finds. Pop Culture, Websites, Culinary finds, and anything else that is eye-catching, worthy enough to share; Sharing is Delightful.   Here is a Delightful Find from Making […]

Programming Change by Management

Daphney Photo Friday has been interrupted by a McGyver Maddox Posting – Shocked But Not Appalled – Again? This time no food. also No shame…. well wait… guess this is a sorry Back to our regularly schedule Daphney Photo Friday next week. Have a Great Weekend Friends!