Kathleen Enge Photography


Did I really just type that title? Yes. I did. In a tiny voice. Would you care to take a gander on something I probably should have done long ago? But, for so many reason failed to do so. Gulp. Okay. Here goes. Be gentle – I bruise easily. Drum Roll Please…. Kathleen Enge Photography […]

Quiksilver for Women has Opened Their Doors


Quiksilver for Women has opened their doors at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It’s precisely what a California girls needs. The store gives you a well-curated glimpse into the brand’s coastal heritage. A culture found in places such as; Salt Creek, Huntington Beach Pier and Lowers. These stand-out surfing locations exemplify the crowd pleasing approach […]

Holiday Photo Sessions By Kathleen 2012


It’s that time of year, treatment Holiday Cheer Portrait Time! This October and November I’ll be offering Holiday Photo Sessions for all my Orange County friends. Your Session will include: A mix of posed and natural family shots + individual shots of children. Plan for 1 hour. ALL final high-resolution digital images will be emailed […]

Whole Foods Newport Beach


And we have lift off! Whole Foods Newport Beach is open for business. Newport Beach is a whole new place to shop for just about everything to make your life a little bit finer. Thanks to fresh local produce, viagra sale organic meats, sushi, and did I mention a Bar? Our family has been waiting […]

New Lip Gloss to Covet – Chanel Giggle No. 46


Chanel Lip Gloss Levres Scintillantes – GIGGLE No. 46 This gloss has recently become one of my most favorite glossimers in the Chanel Lip Gloss Collection. Right up there, standing tall, next to the spectacular IMAGINAIRE No. 84. GIGGLE No. 46 is a muted pinky-mauve-beige-neutral-clear color that brings a perfect “my lips but only way […]

10 Things I Want My Kids to Know


10 things I want my kids to know, in no particular order: You are smart You are beautiful No one else will ever make you happy, only you can make you happy. Be yourself, don’t go changing to fit in. Be kind and compassionate to everyone. Hard work pays off. Always be there for the […]

14 Retro Chic Fonts


Let’s talk about fonts, 14 Retro Chic Fonts. All super bitchen. I casually came across the font Caviar Dreams a while back. This was when it all began. Being caught off guard, I was unprepared by how deeply and uncontrollably I loved it. The subtle tilt of the lower case ‘e’ and the uppercase ‘Q’ […]

Polaroid Z2300 Awesomeness


The Polaroid Z2300. And the angels did sing. Please, please, Santa put one in my stocking. Photojojo is where you can have the elves find them. It’s my favorite online photo place, chalked full of awesome. My camera bag has a Polaroid camera, its huge. The camera that is. This Polaroid Z2300 however is tiny and still delivers […]

Friday Favorites


1. Haage Daz my love for you is true. It is a sweet sweet LOVE that will last forever. 2. Where is Rick Moranis these days? His improvisations in Ghostbusters, (shot in one continuous take) where legendary. A few more unscripted great Movie  Moments. 3. If my oldest wasn’t growing up so fast, her hair would […]