Duran Duran. Ready or Not Here I Come.


Duran Duran The band is iconic. So many great songs. Did you know these five rock stars, once known as the second British Invasion in the 80’s, are currently touring? Way to go! This past week they were in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theater.  You can read all about their LA gig through the eyes of Charlie over […]

UltraLuxe – Jiggling in Perfect Sync


A seat that bounces and moves while you watch a movie. Um…No Thank You. I’ve experienced those unsettling seats before and walked out dizzy, looking for a motion sickness bag.  My apologizes SeaWorld.  The family loves that Wild Arctic Ride, but my sensory system is not a fan.  I vowed never to place my booty […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 236 to 242}


Back to school. Back to school. I have a video for you at the end in the spirit of Back To School. – I love me some Michael Keaton. Where has he been lately?  I miss him. Hope the transitions from summer schedules are going smoothly for everyone. The house is quite these days and […]

A new iPhone App to Love: iMovie

imove snip

httpv://youtu.be/c3pHoI6hQ20 Apple made such a terrific improvement with the iPhone4’s video recording capabilities.   Now with the iMovie App, it has brought an advanced video editing options to the table.  Let’s make some videos people! When you’re working on a small iPhone screen, you need everything to be quick and easy to use.  This is precisely what you will […]

Friday Tidbits ~ August 19th


Happy Friday Friends. Here are the happenings around the blogosphere this week. Check it out. HBO renewed True Blood For Season Five. Thank You HBO Thank You. UC Berkeley graduate students held a contest to redesign the Nutrition Facts Label to make it easier to read and more useful to people who want to consume […]

What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob


I know. I know. This post is supposed to be about what I wore last week.  A recap of fashion sorts.  Well, today is special.  BLOGHER special.  I do wish to capture the attire from last week, but I also want to heed a warning.  A bold warning. What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob   […]

BlogHer Operation Glory – Mission Accomplished


I have yet to write a bucket list.  I know.  It’s something that has been in the back of my mind for some time.  I just need to get it down on paper.  In the mean time, I would love to share an entry that I just marked complete. #4 FLASH MOB. For a little back […]

Just a taste of BlogHer 2011


Before we have time to sit down and chat about all the wonderful-ness of Blogher 2011 San Diego. As well as explain what the heck ‘BlogHer’ is to the folks that are scratching their heads.  Here are a few photos to wet your whistle. Yes. You got it right. Lots of food, medicine friends, treatment fun and […]

Dear Photograph, I Love You.


Dear Photograph is a fascinating project where you capture a picture from the past in the present. Taylor Jones began this project just three months ago in May.   Taylor is pictured above at age 5 outside his childhood home.  Taylor’s caption reads, ask “Dear Photograph, prostate I looked good in a tux. @TJ.”  This is how it all […]