Bootcamp with Mark and Kelly


Beyond all the photography and recipes post lately, I’ve been working on my lady lumps.  You see, the waist line has been expanding in the last 9 months.  No silly, not from pregnancy.  It’s from my oversized calorie intake during Ode to Summer, followed by a sedentary Fall/Winter recovering from Play Dates at the Hospital.  […]

Supporting Mikey, Jen and Sarah


UPDATE March 14, 2011. “It is with great sadness that Kajsa and I have to inform you that our dear, sweet Maddie has passed away and is now an angel in Heaven. She died at 9 pm on Sunday evening, March 13, 2011. Kajsa sang her the night night songs she has sung to her […]

The Pioneer Woman Stopped By to Say Hiya {GIVEAWAY INCLUDED}


 After spending an entire evening last year reading Ree’s draft copy of Black Heel’s a Love Story on her Blog, I couldn’t wait for more. The story was about a college graduate, who went home to prep for the LSAT in Oklahoma. She was visiting for only six weeks and would then be off to Chicago to […]

I care about… Someone Cares Soup Kitchen


This video inspired me last week. Go ahead and watch, I’ll wait. [youtube= Wow, a gourmet chef in India watches an elderly man suffer and it changes his life. His  purpose becomes helping the down trodden in India leading him to be recognized by CNN as a 2010 hero. Long exhale. What an amazing man. […]

How to enjoy a San Francisco Boot Camp


Last weekend was spent in the City by the Bay for a San Francisco Bloggy Boot Camp Session; networking with many talented women from an online community known to some as social media.    The Modchik was my wingman. Upon arrival, medicine even with my wingman. I was a little anxious, help was I was […]

A Beagle Needs a Home, His Name is Milo

Times are tough economically. Let’s find someone to love Milo the Beagle. By Leighanne Spinney Hi, this is my friends Beagle. She just lost her home. She is now living in a hotel with her three daughters. She had to give him up , and gave him to a friend who in turn turned him […]