BlogHer Operation Glory – Mission Accomplished


I have yet to write a bucket list.  I know.  It’s something that has been in the back of my mind for some time.  I just need to get it down on paper.  In the mean time, I would love to share an entry that I just marked complete. #4 FLASH MOB. For a little back […]

Summer Memories


  I held her hand and kept her company in the wee hours of the morning before her son was welcomed into this world.  He slept in my arms after he was swaddled.   Where does time go? How did he become so tall? He can now almost beat DH in a friendly game of […]

I have fallen in love. His name is Bob.


  Don’t tell DH.

4th of July Recap


The Beagle Brigade was not happy about Canine Camp. We were off to Huntington Beach for…… No training wheels Food and Friendships Ice Cream Runs Gin Rummy Long awaited victories 5k and Parade on Pacific Coast Highway Hammocks and Lemonade Sunshine all over Elvis Music at 6am Growing up Relaxation and fireworks from the balcony […]

Twins Baby Shower ~ The Perfect Pair


We had a baby shower brunch this past Sunday for our friend Ginell. She is having the perfect pair of twins; a boy and girl.  The quick decision that the theme of the party should be centered around this was made.  We created a pear green baby shower for this perfect “Pair”.  Throwing in a little […]

A Bride to Be: Her Wedding Shower


Full of charm, search pastel colors, pharmacy and beautiful decor, this shower was the perfect occasion to celebrate my lifelong friend. The shower not only has me searching for an excuse to re-register, it also makes me wish the bachelorette weekend fabulosity was this weekend.  Beach House here we come. PS: Baileys in Coffee is my […]

GM Cars and Orange County Housewives


Earlier this month, prescription for sale a few Orange County Housewives (read bloggers) were selected to test drive GM’s current line of 2011 vehicles.  The creative mind of Marcy Masurra seized this opportunity to round us up and shoot a short video.  The video was meant to be a light-hearted way of highlighting what we enjoyed about these […]

La Costa Resort and Spa & The San Diego Momfia


The gardens were in full bloom, the San Diego sun was shining, and the pools were shimmering. And the food. Oh the food. Last weekend The San Diego Momfia was invited to experience the newly remodeled and renovated La Costa Resort and Spa.  Mi Amiga, Courtney, and I packed our bags. We were off to […]

Prince at the Great Western Forum


Sizzling. That is what this man is. Photo credit on this combo capture goes to Lindsey, sovaldi aka The Modchik, generic   who was standing beside me, a fellow Prince lover. Prince, a rock star who has built a three decade career by channeling the sexy, is in town.  Los Angeles, Great Western Forum, to be precise.  At […]