Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux


Continued from yesterday…. here is Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux. I would like to share with you a list jammed packed full of what I learned last weekend at the Sits Girls Bloogy Bootcamp Conference.  There was so much information.  This post could go on and on and on. But that would be boring.  […]

Camp San Diego


Bloggy Boot Camp in San Diego with my blogging peeps this past Saturday was exceptional.  The speakers.  The Bloggers.  The Sponsors.  The Friends.  All a wonderful mix.  I think I’m going to make Camp San Diego a series this week since there are stacks of good things to share. To begin with Lindsey (aka The Modchik) and […]

Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus in Puff Pastry


There is a restaurant in Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact, in the W Hotel for absolute precision. It is called Dephine’s. Their Brunch is extremely worthy of a visit if you are in town.  Each time i have been there, this menu item has caught my eye….. It is expensive for an egg dish. Yes. […]

UPDATED SPECIALS ~ Bruxie for Waffles in Old Town Orange {OC FAMILY Post}

Bruxie Vday-009

  Have you had a Bruxie?  I am head over heals in love with this mighty fine establishment.   The waffles at Bruxie, in Old Town Orange by Chapman University, are weightless and crispy yet tender.  These waffles aren’t the typical American style but rather a Brussels style waffle.  They are made from a proprietary yeast-leavened […]

Wordless Wednesday {Bruxie Waffles in Orange}

Bruxie Waffles

Restaurant Find – Pizzeria Ortica


After posting about Peter Pan at the Orange County Performing Art Center this past week, illness I had a number of emails. The answer is yes, site with or without little ones you will love it, medicine go buy your tickets! As you may know our family believes in and supports the Arts. We are […]

Cracker Barrel vs. In-N-Out Burger


DH wanted to stop and grab a bite to eat in Virginia. I protested wanting to find a ‘local favorite’ while on vacation from California.  Realizing my choices were fast food joints less than worthy to a West Coast favorite In-N-Out-Burger, order I acquiesced to DH wishes. For whatever reason, clinic I envision Cracker Barrel […]

For the love of a Lazy Dog and OC Bloggers


OC Bloggers were welcomed at the Lazy Dog in Tustin, patient California this past Tuesday evening to drink and eat selected items from Executive Chef, Gabriel Caliendo. It was a complete Orange Crush; terrific night enjoyed by human and canines combined . I thank the two ladies behind EVERYTHING, Suz and Marcy. I recall meeting […]

Hawaii, you had me at Island


Introducing Ms. Kelly, a Cetologist and a wonderful concierge for many lucky travelers to Maui, Hawaii. She is a beauty from Orange County, California, and a delightful friend. Bosom Buddies since 7th grade, I miss her face/laugh/support/humor now that she owns a home in Maui. Yes, she is a Maui local. Drivers license with Kamaaina […]