St Germain Elderflower Liqueur


The next time you are in the mood for champagne, buy cialis I have a new champagne cocktail for you to try. Take a fine glass of Veuve Champagne, medicine which can stand quite impressively on it’s own, cialis and add a splash of St Germain Elderflower Liqueur. St Germain is from freshly handpicked elderflower […]

Photo of the Day – Roof Top W Hotel Hollywood

Absolute Glee Cocktail

  Such color in Hollywood. Pedestrians smoking pot openly – must have been medical, viagra sale traffic, interesting smells reminding me of camping, and the two different arrests requiring LAPD backup. But the views, food, fun and culture will keep us coming back. Again and again.

Photo of the Day – April 5th


Since time is getting away from me. As is does for all of us. I am going to bring a new series to Sugar and Spice. A photo of the day series. Straight from deep in the OC or beyond if I am lucky. Today is from last Friday. Friday Night Lights style with some […]

Spring 2013 Wardrobe Updates

Mobe grenadine top

It’s March. Spring and Summer are right around the corner. How about a few colorful, cialis sale light and inexpensive Spring 2013 Wardrobe Updates? While lying in bed the last few weeks (recovering), cheap I came across a new clothing site. Modbe. Don’t ask me how I found it, medicine I was loaded on pain […]

New Sunscreen to Love


When Bobbi Brown discontinued my coveted Sunscreen I wept.  I then turned to Gone But Not Forgotten to order 6 discontinued boxes in hopes I’d find a new sunscreen to love in the meantime. Well, being down to the last tube was scary stuff. I had tried so many and nothing past muster. Thankfully while […]

Daddy Daughter Dance


Each year we have a Daddy Daughter Dance, sildenafil my trio attends. It’s a highlight of the year. Since this is my oldest daughter’s final year, she graduates the group come summer,  the camera was to capture it all. Being a pre-teen, she is beginning to shy away from the lens. Braces. It kills me […]

What I did not know about a….Hysterectomy


Hysterectomy. Let’s turn on the lights of this blog and dust of the counters, I’m back or coming back. Very, very slowly. It’s been a while since I posted with any regularity. The holidays came and went with this news. Which brings us to the Hysterectomy that occurred last Saturday. Sleeping was my first line […]

CA-125 Blood Test – Ask for them ladies.


Disclosure: if you are a dude and not comfortable with lady talk, navigate far away from here. I totally understand. Big Inhales, Big Exhales. I am less than 24 hours shy of surgery. This somewhat explains my absence as of late. I’ve been getting my business in order. Are you ready for this? There is […]

Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake


Hi. Posts have been thin as of late, ask I realize. You see, clinic I have started this exercise class called Pure Barre. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I get my booty handed to me by a super trimballetdancer Barre instructor. In all honesty, after my very first class I had to come home, curl […]